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Frequently Asked Questions

Which of the various Lottery games are the best ones to play?

When using proven systems to play the Lottery you should look at the games as different types of investments. The Pick-3 and Pick-4 games are what I consider to be excellent short term prospects, offering smaller returns on a more frequent basis. The Pick-5 game is a mid term investment vehicle, offering significant returns over a moderate time frame. The big games, which include Pick-6, Powerball and Mega Millions, are long term propositions that present truly life changing returns usually only achievable after extended periods of play. My personal favorite game is the PICK-4 or WIN-4 game, which in my opinion offers the best value for each dollar wagered. The structure of this game lends itself to being easily tracked and analyzed, and the inherent trends are the easiest to follow and understand. While the Powerball and Mega Millions games are indeed high-odds longshot undertakings, the lower tier prizes in these games offer a tremendous value per dollar invested while still keeping participants in the running for the astronomically appealing Jackpots.

What is the single most important attribute of a successful Lottery player?

There are actually two primary aspects of repeated successful systems play. The first is the time that you are willing to put into your endeavor. The more time you spend learning about the games and the various patterns and trends that manifest themselves, the greater your knowledge becomes and the larger your arsenal of winning tools becomes. The second aspect of a successful player is a winning attitude. Playing the lottery should first and foremost be fun, and the concept of learning to understand and forecast the outcome of the games should become a personal passion. A successful player lives and breathes numbers, patterns and trends. A winning attitude means never thinking that the game owes you money, because when you start to think like that, you start to make bad decisions. If you place a wager and you do not win, you cannot be mad at the game or the numbers drawn. They didn't do anything wrong. You played the wrong numbers and you were not paid for your efforts, that's all there is to it! A successful player learns from every non paying wager he or she makes, and then adjusts their play accordingly. When you do win, the biggest joy is the fact that you were correct, that you beat the game. The winnings you put in your pocket, as nice as they may be, are actually the secondary payoff. When you adopt a winning attitude and employ your knowledge and the correct tools and are willing to invest the necessary time, the winnings will come and you too will turn the corner from being a casual player to a successful winner.

How can a system beat a Lottery game that is based on randomly drawn numbers?

As many elite prize winning mathematicians and scientists will tell you, there is no such thing as true randomness, or the way I like to say it, there is an inherent order in randomness. The bottom line is that over time, all random outcomes must adhere to the laws of probability. This is an undisputed fact in the order of the universe. As a simple example, if you flip a coin ten times, you may find that it comes up heads seven times and tails three times. If you flip the coin 100 times the result will be closer to 50 times heads and 50 times tails. The more times you flip it, the closer you will come to the perfect anticipated outcome of 50% heads and 50% tails. Within this anticipated outcome which I refer to as the theoretical norm, we find patterns and trends hard at work making sure that the outcome adheres to the laws of probability. It is within these patterns and trends that we the players are able to gain a real advantage that translates directly into winning tickets. Some of these trends are analyzed by extremely complex formulas which I have turned into very easy to use direct access winning systems. If you truly believe that all Lottery games are purely random, then ask yourself how I have won so many games so many times in my career. This website and my catalog are filled with actual winning tickets which I have personally cashed in. I may be a lucky guy, but no one is that lucky!!! I am very good at what I do because I have studied the games and found their Achilles heels, and through this knowledge I am able to win virtually any Lottery game I play with regularity. This simply would not be possible if the outcome of the games was indeed random.

I have been playing the Lottery for many years and I am convinced that I cannot win because the results are fixed. 

All of the State Lottery games played in this country are supervised by independent auditing firms to make sure that the results are not unfairly influenced. The Lottery spends a lot of money keeping things on the up and up because any bad publicity regarding a "fix" would hurt them very much. There have been a few isolated incidents of alleged tampering in the last twenty years, but for the most part things are run cleanly. However, since the numbers are drawn by a mechanical machine, each machine used does influence the outcome of the games. We may be able to put a man on the moon but we cannot build a perfect Lottery selection machine. That's why the various states use several different selection machines and different sets of balls in either a predetermined or random rotation. Some states have moved to computer selected numbers, but the algorithms used in the random selection process are very suspect. Over the years we have recorded thousand of hours of live Lottery drawings in order to study the specific characteristics of specific selection machines, and we have learned a great deal from this. For many years we actually published a listing of which machines the New York State Lottery would be using for each of the upcoming weeks drawings, and made our selections based on the individual characteristics of these particular machines. When it comes to beating the games, Steve Player leaves no stone unturned!

What is progressive wagering insurance?

Progressive wagering is one of Steve Player's signature tools for playing the Lottery successfully and safely. In a nutshell, progressive wagering is a method that allows you to plan your wagers ahead of time, setting up a schedule for increasing your wagers in order to insure that you will make a profit. For an in depth discussion on this subject click the FREE SYSTEMS tab and select Progressive Wagering.

What is the best Steve Player system that you offer?

That is a hard question because all of our systems are well rounded and proven winning methods that have helped thousands of people win their state's Lottery games. If I had to choose one system over all of the others, then it would be the PICK-4 MONEY MAP system. We have received nothing but praise on this title over the years and many players have reported huge continuous winnings. In fact, many players regard it as their absolute favorite system and many of them simply would not play the game without it. To me that's the best endorsement I could ever ask for.

If your systems really work, then I should be able to buy one, quit my job, and make a good living playing the Lottery.

Yes you can, but there is a catch. If you went to Home Depot and bought a saw, a hammer and some nails, you may think of yourself as a carpenter who can make a good living building houses. Obviously, making a living as a carpenter requires a bit more effort than spending a hundred dollars on some tools. In order to make a living at your newly chosen profession, you must first learn to use your tools and gain a little bit of experience. Once you have paid your dues and been at it for a while, you may be ready to build houses and make a good living. Making a living playing the Lottery is no different. First you need the tools, then you need to learn how to use them and gain some experience. You will know when you are ready to pursue it full time once you start to see the winning tickets come in. I have a special group of Pro Player customers that are nearly five thousand strong. Almost all of these players are full timers who make their entire living, or seriously supplement their living, playing the Lottery. Many of them are among the best players in the world. I have released over a half dozen special Pro Player systems over the years, and in the right hands, these systems can produce tremendous returns. What these players all have in common is a deep knowledge of the games as well as a high degree of discipline. If you consider yourself to be a Pro Player, send us an email and we will put you on the Pro Player list to receive special announcements and offers for Pro systems.

Do you offer any computer software Lottery systems?

It seems that many of my customers, especially my newest customers, are wondering why I do not simply release my systems in the form of computer software. Instead of having to make charts and track trends, wouldn't it be easier to simply enter the past results into a computer and let the software decide which numbers to play next? Ideally this would make sense, except for one small factor. While computers can make millions of comparisons in just a few seconds, they can only do what we tell them to do. They may have a lot of number crunching power, but they are missing something uniquely human, and that thing is intuitive intelligence. A human being is far better suited to assessing all of the nuances of a particular situation and making an intelligent and intuitive decision than all the computers in the world combined. It is for that very reason that I stress the importance of always charting your numbers and following the trends and patterns on a day to day basis. The numbers that are involved in the Lottery games we play have an essential existence of their very own. Believe it or not, they have distinct personality traits based on their behavioral reaction to the laws of probability. We have not yet invented computer software that can get to know the numbers on a personal level, but as human beings, we are more than capable of doing that. It is something that takes time to learn and master, but the more time you invest in this understanding of the numbers, the more often you will be rewarded with winning tickets. I will be the first to admit that I use computers every single day when working on the Lottery games. In fact, I have rooms full of computers, some of which are relegated to very specific analysis profiles that often run for weeks at a time to solve a single problem. However, I primarily use these computers to identify and isolate new trends and patterns, or new ways to look at trends and patterns, which I then study longhand, using paper and pencil, in order to gain a better and more personal understanding of these new traits. There are many computer software programs out their that promise to pick a winning set of numbers but I still have not seen any proof of the pudding in the form of winning tickets. People who use my systems win real money, because they understand that there are no shortcuts. If you put in the time, the games will reward you with winning tickets.

I have just been laid off and am behind on my bills. Which system should I buy? I need to win the Lottery as soon as possible. 

My answer to this question is always the same. The Lottery systems offered on this site are designed to be used with recreational income. They are not a sure fire way to get out of debt or win a million dollars overnight. If you are desperate to win the Lottery, that single emotion will more than likely cloud your judgment and not allow you to make sound wagers. The systems offered on this site are designed to teach you how to win on a regular basis, but you must take the time to learn how to use them and the time to hone your skills. I never advocate using the rent money to play the Lottery and I strongly urge you to wager only monies which you can afford to lose. Most importantly, never forget every successful player's golden rule: BET WITH YOUR HEAD - NOT OVER IT!

I am brand new to playing the Lottery. Which game or games should I play and which systems are best for a beginner?

As a beginner you already have a tremendous advantage. Since you have not played before, you have not yet developed any detrimental habits. It is important that you learn all you can the right way so that you can build a sound and positive wagering foundation. I would recommend that you begin by learning about and playing the PICK-3 and PICK-4 games exclusively. The absolute best beginner system is the CASH KING system, and best of all, it is available for only $10.00. Another excellent set of systems for beginners are the PRIME LINE Systems for the PICK-3 (Order # 233) and PICK-4 (Order # 234) games. If these titles are not within your budget, then I would also suggest starting with the LUCKY-7 system which can be used hand in hand with Pick-3 CASH KING system, or the set of All Six SUPER SYSTEMS.  There are also several terrific FREE systems listed on this website and featured in my Blog that go a long way in explaining the fundamentals of successfully playing the various Lottery games. Click on the Free Stuff tab to view all of the valuable free tools we have posted for beginners and seasoned players alike.