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Free Basic Superwheel

In the past, when a Lotto player wanted to cover more than 5 or 6 numbers, the only choice was to use a wheeling system. While generic wheeling systems have produced countless winning tickets as well as Jackpots for thousands of Lotto enthusiasts, they have many drawbacks. First of all, the affordability of coverage which a wheeling system offers is in direct proportion to the amount of numbers wheeled. Hence the popularity of lower tier prize assurance wheeling systems. If for example you want to cover 20 numbers and play only 100 combinations, the best coverage you could get is a 4 out of 6 guarantee. That means that you have to pick all six winning numbers correctly in order to secure a single third prize winning ticket. Personally, if I picked all six winning numbers correctly for a particular drawing I would like to be rewarded with more than just a low paying 4 out of 6 number winning ticket.

Free Basic Super Wheel Lotto- Visually impaired users please see our Accessibility Statement on the Terms Of Use pageSteve Player's SUPERWHEELS change all of the rules of wheeling, and more importantly, they allow you to custom design your coverage for virtually any possible assurance. Shown to the right is an example of a BASIC COMPOUND SUPERWHEEL for the Pick-6 Lotto game. This particular example allows you to pick 5 numbers, and if four of those five numbers are drawn, you will win the Jackpot in virtually every second or third drawing. Here is the theory behind this particular custom SUPERWHEEL.

For this example we will assume we are playing a 6/40 Lotto game. We will pick two KEY numbers (ZONE 1) and wheel them against three chosen numbers (ZONE 2) and again wheel them against the six highest numbers in the game (ZONE 3). The structure of this SUPERWHEEL covers both numbers from ZONE 1, two out of three numbers from ZONE 2 and two out of six numbers from ZONE 3. For our first zone we will pick two overdue numbers (08 and 14). For our second zone we will pick an overdue range of numbers (24-25-26). For our last zone we will pick the six highest numbers in this game: (35-36-37-38-39-40). This last zone not only insures us of a higher payoff on lower prizes, but also reduces the chances of having to split the jackpot with other winners. If you look at the wheel below, you will see that we have filled in our chosen numbers under the letters in each ZONE, and then converted all of the six letter combinations into their corresponding numbers. This gives us our 45 Pick-6 combinations to play.

This SUPERWHEEL has substantially increased our odds of winning the jackpot. Our last zone (ZONE 3) covers the six highest numbers in the game. Two of these six numbers are drawn together every two to three drawings. That means that on every second or third drawing you will automatically have two numbers right, even before you choose any of your own numbers. That means that you only have to choose four numbers correctly in order to win the JACKPOT!!! Plus, you get to pick five numbers for ZONE 1 & 2, and only four out of these five have to be correct in order to guarantee a JACKPOT hit! That's what I call a true reduction of the odds, with the kind of WIN ASSURANCE that makes sense. And remember, even if you do not pick all four winning numbers correctly, you can still win many lower tier prizes by picking only 2 or 3 numbers right.

This is only a small sample of what SUPERWHEELING can do. Feel free to try this wheel in your game and read all about SUPERWHEELING for Pick-5 & 6 Lotto as well as Powerball and Mega Millions.