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Super Solution System

Super Solution System

    Every time that the folks in charge of the Powerball and Mega Millions games raise the odds, it becomes increasingly more difficult to win any money. With the Powerball game now using 69 numbers and the Mega Millions game using 75 numbers, many players are simply giving up on winning. If you too are becoming frustrated with these high odds games, don't give up quite yet. Not only have I come up with a solution, but it's a  SUPER SOLUTION!!!

    Think about all the times you have checked your tickets and found that you have 2 of the 5 winning numbers right. It happens all the time, but 2 numbers right does not pay anything at all! The way I see it, that's just not fair, and I have decided to do something about it. The SUPER SOLUTION Systems will show you how you can turn your two number right combinations into high paying winning tickets.


    The Super Solution system is unlike anything you have ever seen before. This is brand new technology that actually takes your favorite five number Powerball or Mega Millions combination and creates ten new related combinations for you to play. We all have a favorite set of 5 numbers, and these are often the same 5 number combinations that hit two numbers right on the same ticket. As we all know, a 2 number right ticket is not worth the paper it is printed on, but I think that you deserve to win when you have correctly picked 2 of the five winning numbers.

    With the Super Solution systems, not only are you still playing your favorite combination, but you are adding 10 new highly balanced and specialized combinations, each of which match 2 of the numbers from your favorite combination. Best of all, there are no charts or colored pens involved with this system. The Super Solution system always gives you ten new combinations in READY-TO-PLAY form. Simply look up your favorite set of 5 numbers and then fill my ten new combinations onto your betslip. You now have a total of 11 combinations to play, and if your favorite combination hits two of the five winning numbers, then your odds of having all five winning numbers on the same ticket are just 4,791 to 1 in the Powerball game and 6,220 to 1 in the Mega Millions game.

    Keep in mind that a five number winning ticket in the Powerball game pays either ONE MILLION or TWO MILLION DOLLARS. In the Mega Millions game, five numbers right pays between 1 and 5 MILLION DOLLARS. Plus, since you are also playing the Powerball or Mega Ball number, you are still in the running for the BIG MONEY JACKPOT each and every time that you play. This is the smart way to win cash!

    Imagine for a moment a winning system that can turn your favorite set of numbers into ten new balanced combinations, each of which are fully capable of winning a major Jackpot when your favorite combination has just two numbers right!!! This gives you a huge advantage, plus, your favorite combination is still fully covered. If you have two favorite sets of numbers, then you will have a total of 22 combinations to play. If you have three favorite sets of numbers, then you will have a total of 33 combinations to play. The more you play, the more chances you will have of winning. This simple technique makes it easy to increase the total amount of combinations you play when the Jackpots get up into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Not only will you still be playing your favorite set of numbers, but you will also be playing ten new combinations, each made up of 2 of your numbers and 3 of my numbers. This approach gives you truly amazing coverage.

    If you are tired of seeing nothing but losing tickets while you try to beat the high odds of the big Powerball and Mega Millions games, then now is the time to put my SUPER SOLUTION to work. I created this system specifically for these games because I believe that we all deserve to see a cash return when we pick two numbers right. If you are a long time Powerball or Mega Millions player, then please don't give up just yet. The SUPER SOLUTION systems are true ODDS BUSTERS that can finally show you what you've always been waiting for: WINNING TICKETS!




The Steve Player Lottery systems described and offered on this website represent the leading edge of applied mathematical Lottery Number analysis and hybrid conditional wheeling technology. While these systems have shown favorable results in the past in legally sanctioned State Lottery Games, neither the Publisher nor the Author make any claims, expressed or implied, as to the effectiveness of these systems in any game during any period of time. All Lottery games contain certain inherent elements of risk. These systems do not claim or in any other way imply that they can or will eliminate that risk entirely. The systems described on this website are presented as mathematically founded guidelines to illustrate said risk in such a manner as to allow a player to structure his or her legal wagers with a full understanding of the predominant limitations and constraints of the games indicated. Users of these or any other systems are advised to wager only monies which they can afford to lose. The only guarantees are those proposed by the mathematical formulas contained within the actual wagering structures and the hybrid or conditional wheeling schedules. Neither the Publisher nor the Author shall be held liable for any errors or omissions.

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