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Pick-5 Millennium Wheel

Pick-5 Millennium Wheel










    This is the winning PICK-5 system that everyone is raving about. Players all around the country have cashed in thousands of winning tickets using this proven method. If you are ready to finally win real money in your State's PICK-5, POWERBALL or MEGA-MILLIONS games, then the MILLENNIUM WHEEL is your ace in the hole!

    From time to time a new product or technology comes along that is so much better than what it replaces, that we have trouble remembering how we ever lived without it. Take indoor plumbing for example. The minute it came out, no one wanted to walk to the outhouse in the middle of the night in the freezing cold anymore! Or how about the telephone. Suddenly you could talk to your sister in the next State anytime you wanted instead of traveling for hours or writing letters. Well my friends, let me tell you, I have just invented something that will forever change the way we all play and win our States Pick-5 Lottery games.

    A few years ago we sent out a trial version of my new MILLENNIUM WHEEL system to a select group of system testers around the country to take it for a test drive. As usual, we asked them to try it in their States game and let us know what they thought of it and how well it performed for them. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Everyone thought that this was the best Pick-5 system I have ever developed and that they would never use any other type of wheel again. Many players reported that it was the easiest system they had ever used and agreed that the results were not only amazing but virtually instantaneous. One tester even told us that it was almost like "legalized cheating." Of course I already knew that because I am the one that created this system!

    Before I tell you how the incredible MILLENNIUM WHEEL system works, I want to make a few things crystal clear. This system does not require the use of colored pens, it does not require the use of formulas or workouts and it does not require a registration form. It's quick and it's easy! After hearing that I'd bet that you like it already! What the MILLENNIUM WHEEL system does do is offer you ready-to-play Pick-5 number combinations that will give you a level of coverage you have only dreamed of before. Do you want to play 10, 15 or 20 numbers? No problem. How about 25 numbers? Again, no problem. How about playing all the numbers in your game? Why not!!! You can play 30, 35 even 39 numbers. That's right, you can actually play all 39 numbers in the 5/39 game! By now you are probably thinking that I have either gone completely bonkers or else I may actually be onto something. Let me assure you, I am just as sane as I have always been, and yes, I certainly am onto something.



    Here's how it works. The MILLENNIUM WHEEL system breaks the game down into three sections. The first section contains the two LOWEST numbers in any drawing. The second section contains the MIDDLE number and the third section contains the two HIGHEST numbers in any drawing. For example, if the numbers 7-14-23-33 and 38 were drawn, the 7 and 14 would be our LOWEST numbers, the 23 would be our MIDDLE number and the 33 and 38 would be our HIGHEST numbers. Now that was easy, wasn't it!!! Okay then, here comes the magic: the MILLENNIUM WHEEL let's you play as many LOWEST, MIDDLE and HIGHEST numbers as you want. You can play anywhere from 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or even more numbers in each section. Picture it this way - Imagine you are playing a 5/39 game, now visualize all 39 numbers lined up from lowest to highest. Now imagine that you have three blankets, and you can throw those blankets over any amount of numbers in each section. For example, lets say we want to play 10 numbers in each section in our example 5/39 game.Shown below is an illustration of how this is done:

    We can now win the JACKPOT using our MILLENNIUM WHEEL if the two lowest numbers drawn are in our LOWEST section, the middle number drawn is in our MIDDLE section and the two highest numbers drawn are in our HIGHEST section. That's all there is to it!!! Not only can we win the 5 out of 5 number JACKPOT, but we can also win many second (4 out of 5 numbers right) and third (3 out of 5 numbers right) prizes. The unique coverage here is amazing and it all lies in the power of the MILLENNIUM WHEEL.

    As I said before, you can play a few or as many numbers in each section that you want. The system comes with a total of 25 different wheels, and you can play for as little as $8.00 per drawing. We have even included three "WHOPPER" wheels that allow you to play all of the numbers in your game, up to 39 total numbers. Can you imagine that...totally unique coverage that allows you to play every number in any game up to 39 numbers!!! If your game has more than 39 numbers, or if you play Powerball or Mega Millions, the coverage is still amazing with up to 39 total numbers covered for each drawing. This has never before been possible, but there has also never been a MILLENNIUM WHEEL system before!

    On October 30th 2008, Winona Davis of Syracuse NY won the $88,777.00 JACKPOT playing the NY 5/39 game. The winning numbers were 11-13-25-30-32. Shown below is a sample selection box for the MILLENNIUM WHEEL that covers 4 numbers in each section. This wheel gives you exactly 16 Pick-5 combinations to wager when playing these 12 numbers.

    Playing this exact wheel in the 10/30 NY 5/39 drawing not only produces a JACKPOT ticket, but also three second place tickets worth $465.50 each, plus two third prize tickets worth $23.50 each and six FREE PLAYS. That translates to a total return of $90,226.50 on a $16.00 investment. That means that 12 of the 16 tickets were winners!!! How do you like them apples?

    On December 16th, 2008, Jose DeDaperez of LAKEWORTH FL, R. VAL of MIAMI FL and ROBERT PIERCE of STEWART FL each won there own $73,924.04 JACKPOT playing the Florida FANTASY 5/36 game. The winning numbers were 12-14-16-21-23. Shown below is a sample selection box for the MILLENNIUM WHEEL that covers 4 numbers in each section. Again, this wheel gives you exactly 16 Pick-5 combinations to wager when playing these 12 numbers.

    Playing this exact wheel in the 12/16 FL 5/36 drawing not only produces a JACKPOT ticket, but also three second place tickets, two third prize tickets and six FREE PLAYS. Are you starting to like what you are seeing? I hope so, because these are real dollars we are talking about here. Real dollars that could be yours!!!

    On the very same day, December 16th 2008, the winning numbers in the Georgia 5/39 game were 10-13-27-34-37. Shown below is a sample selection box for the MILLENNIUM WHEEL that covers 6 numbers in each section.

    Not only does this wheel give you the 5 out of 5 winning JACKPOT combination which was worth $152,208.00, but it gives you 5 second prize winning combinations worth $193.00 each plus 3 third prize combinations worth $9.00 each plus 15 FREE PLAYS for a total return of $153,200.00. I'll bet that no one out there would have any trouble spending that kind of cabbage!!! I could show you many more winning examples from all around the country, but I think you get the idea. Now it's time for you to win your game - ARE YOU READY TO GET SERIOUS ABOUT WINNING?







The Steve Player Lottery systems described and offered on this website represent the leading edge of applied mathematical Lottery Number analysis and hybrid conditional wheeling technology. While these systems have shown favorable results in the past in legally sanctioned State Lottery Games, neither the Publisher nor the Author make any claims, expressed or implied, as to the effectiveness of these systems in any game during any period of time. All Lottery games contain certain inherent elements of risk. These systems do not claim or in any other way imply that they can or will eliminate that risk entirely. The systems described on this website are presented as mathematically founded guidelines to illustrate said risk in such a manner as to allow a player to structure his or her legal wagers with a full understanding of the predominant limitations and constraints of the games indicated. Users of these or any other systems are advised to wager only monies which they can afford to lose. The only guarantees are those proposed by the mathematical formulas contained within the actual wagering structures and the hybrid or conditional wheeling schedules. Neither the Publisher nor the Author shall be held liable for any errors or omissions.

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