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The Daily Tracer

The Daily Tracer

There are two types of computers which you can use to play the Lottery. First, there are the little handheld random number generators that look like calculators. These are fine if you like to play random numbers but they have no real use for systems players. Next we have personal computers; machines capable of analyzing huge amounts of data (past results) in mere seconds. These computers are able to spot trends and patterns based on their programming. The personal computer is of course the ultimate way to track your numbers, but not without some serious expense and a long intensive learning curve. For those of you who do not want to make the big investment of time and money, we offer a third type of computer that has become very popular: The Daily Tracer.

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The Daily Tracer is actually a system that emulates a personal computer by allowing you to follow numerous patterns in the Pick-3 Daily Numbers game at the same time. Through the use of the exclusive Tracer-Grid, you are able to see the many levels of activity within the game at any given time, and by using the Elimination Boxes, you will be able to instantly compute the right numbers to play for that day according to the current patterns. This allows you to narrow your selections down to as little as one number per day!

Since this system's successful introduction in 1990, the Daily Tracer has been called “the poor man's computer,” but many so called poor men (and women) have profited greatly by using it.




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Price: $19.95
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