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Pick-3 Winmaster System

Steve Player's American Lottery Tour

I won the Pick-3 40 times in 21 days in 16 states!!!

Earlier this year I was contacted by some television folks who said they wanted to do a story about me. I invited them to meet with me and we talked about Lottery systems for a few hours. They looked over my systems, read through some testimonials from customers around the country, and seemed very impressed by the big pile of photocopies of my winning tickets. Then they asked me, “if your systems can pick so many winning numbers, why not just use them to win for yourself instead of selling them?”

I have been asked this question hundreds of times and the answer is very simple. My motivation comes from beating the odds of the Lottery and helping others do the same. I am very content living on top of my mountain in the middle of nowhere. I spend my days tracking and beating Lottery games and developing winning systems. I have won a lot of money playing my own numbers, but more importantly, tens of thousands of my customers have won as well. I like the way that feels, and it makes me believe that my time on this planet has benefited others. I earn and win more than enough money to live on, in fact, I donate quite a bit of money to children's charities and people in need every year, and I feel that I am very lucky to be able to do that.

While we were talking, one of the TV people began looking through my newest Pick-3 WINMASTER system, and noticed that I had attached a lot of winning New Hampshire tickets to it. He asked me if the system worked this well in all states. I said of course it does, otherwise what good would it be? He then asked if I thought I could prove it by taking the system to other states and actually buying tickets. I said of course I could! The TV people looked at each other smiling and presented me with the following challenge: “Mr. Player, if you can use this system to win in at least 10 States in one month, and you can prove it by bringing back the winning tickets, we will put you on television and tell the whole world about you!” I thought about this concept for about a week and decided, heck, why not? I've been living in virtual seclusion for the last 15 years and it's about time I got out and saw the country.

lottery tickets-please see our terms of use for visually impaired users


That's how the idea of the Steve Player American Lottery Tour was born. With my new WINMASTER system under my arm, I went out and bought a car, got in it and started driving; I just love a challenge!!! I drove a total of 7,358 miles in 21 days, played the Lottery in 19 States, and came back with 40 winning Pick-3 tickets and 243 winning Pick-5 and Pick-6 tickets. What a journey it was! I met many of my wonderful customers along the way, was invited to stay at some of their homes, and had a first-hand opportunity to play my WINMASTER numbers all around the country again.

I played 11 Pick-3 numbers from the WINMASTER system for 1, 2 or 3 days in each state. I won in 16 states and I even had multiple winners in many states during the 1, 2 or 3 days that I played there. Starting in New Hampshire I drove as far west as Iowa, south through Kansas to Texas, east to Florida and then back up the coast. When it was all over I was very happy to be home. I ended up with a great big sack of winning tickets, a brand new car with 7,358 miles on it and a mountain of memories that will last forever!

Massachusetts lottery tickets-please see our terms of use for visually impaired usersLet me begin by telling you about the new WINMASTER system in three simple words: IT WINS BIG MONEY!!! This system is nothing short of incredible. It picks more winning numbers, more often, in more states, than anything I have ever developed before. People throughout the Lottery industry are raving about the WINMASTER system and they have nicknamed it “THE CASH FACTORY!!!” It was designed to work in all states with a Pick-3 Numbers game, and as you will soon see, it does. This is a very simple system to use; the workout takes less than a minute. In fact, when I played around the country I simply walked into a store that sold Lottery tickets, filled in three numbers that were drawn in the past week in that state, and the system gave me a new set of 11 red hot winning numbers to play for the next drawing. You can do the workout right on the spot at the Lottery terminal. Simple...and very profitable!!! From New York to California and every where in between, Midday or Evening drawings, it makes no difference; the WINMASTER system wins cold hard cash.

The eleven Pick-3 numbers can be played boxed or straight, that's entirely up to you. If you want to win more than $500.00 on each straight hit you simply bet more money on each number. Bet $22.00 and you win Kentucky lottery ticket-please see our terms of use for visually impaired users$1,000.00 on a straight hit, bet $44.00 and you win $2,000.00 on a straight hit! As you will see in the coming pages, I often had multiple winners on the same night. What more can I say? It's time to let this incredible winning system speak for itself. Read on and follow the progress of my American Lottery Tour!!! I may very well have played and won right in your hometown!

Missouri Pick 3 ticket-please see our terms of use for visually impaired usersOn my first day I played the New Hampshire Pick-3 game and then drove to Massachusetts, which draws 4 numbers each night. You can play either the first 3 numbers or the last 3 numbers. I played the 11 WINMASTER numbers as a last 3 bet and won on my very first try! That's one! The next day I came close in MASS, but since that only counts in horseshoes I decided to play again on March 1st and I hit on the number 155 at Richdales in S. Haverhill. Since MASS pays out on a pari-mutuel basis, the $1.00 box hit was worth $222.00. A straight hit paid $667.00.


I really wanted to begin my trip with a hit in my home state of New Hampshire but my first try did not produce a winner. On February 29th, my second night of play, I hit on the 158 at the State Liquor Store in Plymouth, Texas lottery tickets-please see our terms of use for visually impaired usersNH. That's three hits in the first three days of play, I was on a roll and the entire country lay ahead!

I arrived in Connecticut late in the day on March 1st. I guess I forgot what rush hour traffic was like in a big city, but Hartford and Waterbury quickly reminded me. I made a resolution to quit smoking on this trip, and I had been doing well for two days, but during my three hours in gridlock on I-84 I had to reach for my cigarettes.

Florida lottery ticket-please see our terms of use for visually impaired usersBy the time I got to the hotel it was too late to play, so I thought I'd wait until the next morning. Connecticut does not have play slips to fill out for Pick-3, they use verbal bets. You tell the clerk your numbers and he enters them. I went to a local terminal and the clerk did not know what the Pick-3 game was. Imagine that! I tried to explain it to him but he refused to even try to enter my numbers. So off I went in search of another terminal. I ended up at gas station with a Quik Mart that sold Lottery tickets. I walked in ready to play my 11 numbers but the clerk did not speak English. I pointed at his terminal and he uttered “Powerball?” I tried to explain what I wanted but it was no use. Finally I ended up at a Shell Mart in Southington, CT, and was able to enter my bets. One of my numbers was 543 Boxed. That night the number 345 was drawn...another winner! Between the traffic and the untrained Lottery clerks, I was glad to cross the state line a winner, and leave the entire Connecticut experience behind me. The sign in front of me said “Leaving Connecticut - Visit Us Again Soon!”.

On March 2nd I was playing my numbers at a convenience store in New Jersey. One of the girls behind the counter was scratching off an instant ticket. She looked at it for awhile in amazement and then asked the other girl to look at it. They both got very excited. Then she showed it to the manager and asked if it really was a winner. He said yes and she told him, in no uncertain terms, “I quit, I'm outta here!” Then she took her Georgia lottery tickets-please see our terms of use for visually impaired users$20,000.00 winning ticket, got in her car, and drove off into the snowstorm. Isn’t life wonderful?

On March 3rd I played the New Jersey Pick-3 game for the second time and won on the number 884 at the Andover Deli in Andover, NJ. By the way, the folks there are very friendly and they make a great pot of coffee.

Since I was playing in the Tri-State area the next day I decided to play NJ again, and wouldn't you know it, I hit the 643 for $2.00 boxed in Franklin, NJ. That's six hits in my first four States...I slept with a smile on my face that night!

New York is a special state to me. That's where I grew up and that's where I first started playing the Lottery. I played my 11 numbers on March 3rd and NY welcomed me home without a winner. Obviously that did not sit right with me so on the very next day I hit the number 542 for $2.00 at the Westbrook Deli, just to remind NY who I was and that I meant business! The next morning I met a wonderful woman playing tickets on-line in front of me. From the sound of her numbers I immediately thought she was playing a system; so I asked. It turned out that she was 71 years young and had been playing the numbers for over 20 years. I asked what her name was and I recognized it right away. She told me that she only plays Steve Player systems and that she had won a lot of money on the Pick-3 game. Boy was she surprised when I told her who I was. But the real surprise came the next day when I found out that she had hit that night’s number straight for $2.00, collecting a $1,000.00 windfall!!! God bless her!

Pennsylvania is a very long state! I played there on March 3rd and 4th and it took me almost two days to drive from one end to the other. I stopped off to visit some friends and customers along the way and was treated to some wonderful PA hospitality. Speaking of which, the State Lottery was also nice enough to sell me two winning tickets on the number 500!!! So far my new WINMASTER system was batting 1000, winning in every State that I used it.

Maryland lottery tickets-please see our terms of use for visually impaired usersMy next stop was West Virginia on the 6th. I played my eleven numbers at the 7-11 in Weirton and moved on to Ohio. That night I got the good news: 456 was a winner in West Virginia! The next morning it seemed like there was road construction everywhere. After several hours I welcomed the sign that said “End Construction.” Yes, please, end it at least until my trip is over.


Ohio is another large state, especially if you cross it diagonally. My first try in the Buckeye State yielded no winners. On March 7th I decided to play both the Midday and Evening drawings. I hit the 678 at the Marathon Mart in Montpelier for the Midday and then hit the 427 three times at the Pennzoil Stop & Go in the same town for the Evening drawing. I bought everyone a beer that night in the hotel lounge. New Hampshire lottery tickets-please see our terms of use for visually impaired usersThe next morning I just couldn't resist playing Ohio one more time. I went back to the Marathon where I hit my first Midday number and won on 338 twice. That's three drawings in a row in Ohio, so I let it ride and played the Evening drawing on March 8th as well. I guess that the Ohio Lottery felt they had given me enough money because I could not make it four in a row. Oh well! I took my winnings and headed for the state line smiling.

Connecticut lottery ticket-please see our terms of use for visually impaired usersI played the Michigan game on March 6th and 7th, and learned that although the Lottery agents in this state are very friendly and very knowledgeable, the terminals are very slow. In fact, you cannot play $1.00 boxed and $1.00 straight on the same ticket. The most it will give you is a 50/50 bet. Well, I guess if that's how it works around here I'll have to buy two 50/50 tickets on each of my 11 numbers, and on March 7th I hit at the Marathon One-Stop with 664; twice! Michigan has also recently introduced a new Pick-5 Rolldown game which I think is terrific. If no one wins the Jackpot, all of the Jackpot money goes into the second prize pool which makes for some great payouts for getting 4 out of 5 numbers right! Other states should take a look at this new format; the players just love it.

Telling you that March 8th was a busy day would be an understatement. Driving like a maniac to beat a snowstorm that was headed my way I played in Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Illinois. I've already told you about my winnings in Ohio. My first play in Illinois gave me two winning tickets on 177 at the Checker Mart in Marshall. The next day I played 214 and 421, $2.00 Straight and $2.00 Boxed each, at the Shell Stop in Marshall. The number drawn was 214, which gave me a total of 6 winning tickets and put $1,320.00 in my pocket. I guess the drive was more than worthwhile. Thank you Illinois!!!


Well, it had to happen sooner or later. I played the Indiana game on March 8th, 9th and 10th. Although I only missed a winner by one digit each night, I was unable to beat the Hoosier Pick-3 game. On March 10th, after New Jersey lottery tickets-please see our terms of use for visually impaired userswinning the Kentucky Midday drawing, I crossed from Kentucky to Illinois via the Shawneetown bridge. Now it's time for me to make a big confession: I am deathly afraid of heights. In fact, I would rather swim through a river full of crocodiles than cross a high bridge.

Well, let me tell you, the Shawneetown bridge is a high and narrow bridge, and I guess I wasn't paying attention because I was on it before I realized what was happening. I tried to hit my brakes and make a quick U-turn but the four tractor trailers behind me would not allow it. I was forced to drive over this bridge at 8 miles an hour with my white knuckles wrapped around the steering wheel and my eyes bigger than full moons. When I got to the other side I pulled over, got out of the car, and chain smoked at least five cigarettes. At least it was over. After regaining my composure I drove on to Missouri, played my numbers and crawled into bed, still thinking about that damn bridge.

New York lottery tickets-please see our terms of use for visually impaired usersThe next day, after playing in Missouri I decided to drive back to Indiana one more time; I just could not let that game beat me. I was staying in Cape Girardeau which meant that I was on the wrong side of the Missouri river. I drove through town and followed the signs to the bridge. When I got there I was horrified. This one made the Shawneetown bridge look like a piece of cake. This bridge was not only high and narrow, but it looked like it had been built at least 1000 years ago. I drove to the edge of the river on a service road and parked right under the bridge. I sat on the wall for at least two hours, looking up, and smoking a lot of cigarettes. I was trying to get up enough courage to cross it.

I kept telling myself that all the other cars were crossing it with no problem. It did not work. In the end I just plain chickened out. I finally decided, no way am I driving over that bridge, no matter how many winning tickets were waiting for me on the other side. As it turns out, the WINMASTER system hit straight that night in Indiana!!! Winning the Kentucky game was easier than taking candy from a baby. I was in this state for less than 1 hour. I came into Henderson just before noon, played the Midday draw at the Bigfoot Food Store, and headed for Illinois. An hour later the State of Kentucky, the Shawneetown bridge and a winning ticket on number 557 were all behind me. I was happy to leave it that way!

I like Missouri. I really do (except for the bridges). For many years now my systems have done exceptionally well in all of the Missouri Lottery games. I stayed in Cape Girardeau and the people I met were great. When I checked into the Holiday Inn the desk clerk gave me three giant oatmeal raisin cookies; they were the best I'd ever had. In fact, a few hours later I couldn't help but stop by the front desk again to see if there just might be any more of those cookies laying around! (There were!) Missouri is known as the “Show Me” State, and my mission was to show Missouri how to win. I walked into the convenience store on March 11th and played my 11 WINMASTER numbers. That night I hit the number 005 straight for $2.00 and boxed for $1.00 and walked away with $1,160.00 in winnings. I guess I showed them!!!


I thought that Pennsylvania was a long State, but the ride from Missouri to Texas never seemed to end. Since Texas does not have a Sunday drawing I decided to try my luck in Kansas. I usually don't play on Sundays, Pennsylvania lottery tickets-please see our terms of use for visually impaired usersbut since I was on a roll I made an exception. Bad idea; although I was treated to some beautiful countryside, the winning Kansas ticket evaded me that day. Still, I had no reason to complain. The WINMASTER System was showing me so many hits that I was actually starting to feel guilty. I mean, face it, no system can hit every day.

I rolled into the great State of Texas on Monday morning, passing through 1,000 acre ranches full of longhorn cattle, with nothing but warm sunshine above me. I knew that I was going to have some fun here. The people in Texas welcomed me wherever I went and I proceeded to attack the Pick-3 game. I hit the number 860 on March 13th in Texarkana and the number 921 the very next day in Jefferson.

While I was in Texas I crossed the border into Shreveport, Louisana, to play my 11 WINMASTER numbers. What was supposed to be a half hour trip turned into three hours of searching for a Lottery terminal. Although the scenery was terrific, the fact that I did not win in Louisiana that day turned out to be just the beginning of a series of misfortunes. The next day I played in Baton Rouge enroute to Florida. I was trying to make up some time so I quickly filled in my betslips and played them. That night in my hotel room in Florida I got the results of the Louisiana drawing and was quite pleased knowing that I had two straight winning tickets. However, when I checked my tickets, the winning number was not on them. I scratched my head and tried to figure out what went wrong. After comparing the numbers in the WINMASTER system to the numbers on my betslip I realized that in my haste I had made an error. Instead of playing 427 I played 421. The way I see it, that simple oversight cost me $1,000.00. But wait, it gets even worse!

West Virginia lottery tickets-please see our terms of use for visually impaired usersI arrived in Florida, the Sunshine State, late on the 15th of March in a downpour. Rushing to get to a Lottery terminal before the drawing, I worked out my 11 numbers and saw that one of them was a triple (555). I have noticed that when the WINMASTER selections contain a triple, they are even more likely to be drawn. With that in mind I decided to play $10.00 on each number. Boy was I in for a surprise. Remember how slow I said the Lottery machines in Michigan were? Well, they're not if you compare them to the ones in Florida. Without exaggeration, the tickets in Florida come out of the machine at about the same speed as a pay toilet dispenses toilet paper. And worse yet, when you enter a $10.00 straight wager, the machine gives you 10 separate tickets. In the time it took the agent to print out all my tickets I walked up and down each aisle of the store at least 12 times, read the first 8 pages of the National Enquirer, drank a V8 juice and had conversations with three other patrons. By the time my tickets were ready there were a half dozen irate players on line who did not think very much of me!!! I took my tickets and got out of there in a flash.

It had been a long day, a long drive and a long time in that convenience store, so I was glad to get to the hotel. That night it rained like I have never seen it rain before. I was staying on the Gulf of Mexico in a town called Cape Destin. I watched the Weather Channel and they said that there was a tornado headed towards us. Great. Then I watched the live Lottery drawing on TV and I was no longer worried about the storm. The number 555 was drawn. I got out my tickets so that I could inspect my $5,000.00 windfall and suddenly my jaw dropped. I had ten $1.00 straight tickets on the number 444. Not a single one on the number 555. I looked at the list of numbers which I had handed the clerk and there it was, 555. Again, being in a rush, in combination with the slow machine, kept me from checking my numbers properly before I left the store. Although the clerk had made the error by punching in three 4's instead of three 5's, in the end I only had myself to blame. It was a bad night, I should have won $6,000.00 between Louisiana and Florida, but instead I didn't win a dime because I wasn't paying attention.

By the next day both my disappointment and the tornado had passed, and this time I checked my tickets very carefully as I left the Chevron Food Mart in Bonifay, FL. The numbers were right and I hit on 661 straight. I was back on track again.


After playing my Florida selections I headed into Georgia in search of peaches (my favorite fruit) and a Lottery terminal. Everyone looked at me kind of funny as they explained that peaches only grow in the summer Ohio lottery tickets-please see our terms of use for visually impaired usersaround here! Hmmmm, I guess I'll have to settle for some canned peaches then. When I went into the Citgo Mart in Thomasville, Georgia, I asked the clerk if winning tickets were in season! He didn't get it, but it turns out that they were as the WINMASTER system gave me a straight hit on 575 on March 16th. The next morning I was headed up the coast and decided to play the Midday drawing at an Exxon gas stop in St. Mary's. This time I increased my wager to $2.00 straight & boxed on each of my 11 numbers. Guess what...two more winning tickets on the number 643!!!

Michigan lottery tickets-please see our terms of use for visually impaired usersAfter almost three weeks on the road I was ready to take a day off. I had to drive through the Carolinas which do not have Lottery games, so I stopped off to see some friends on the Outer Banks. I left early on Sunday morning and headed to Virginia. As I said before, I usually don't play on Sunday, but I decided to give it another try. The first store I went into said that the terminal usually does not take bets until 8:00 AM on Sundays. It was 6:30. I kept driving and stopped at another store in the middle of Virginia around 8:30. The machines were not on-line yet. I tried two more stores and was told that the Lottery Commission was loading new software this morning and the machines would not be up until later in the day. I decided to give up on playing Virginia and headed North to Maryland instead. The next day, March 20th, I hit the Maryland game with a $2.00 bet on the number 049. I was done, it was time to go home. I may not have been successful in my quest to quit smoking, but I sure did win a huge pile of money!!!

So there you have it! I took my system on the road and proved that this one may very well be the biggest winner I have ever come up with. In just 21 days I drove 7,358 miles, played in 19 states and won 40 times. There is no other system available anywhere that can boast a track record like this. And now this very same system can be yours. You don't have to drive around the country, I already did that. You can use the WINMASTER system in your own state to cash in your own winning tickets. Just think, the winningest and easiest to use system I have ever developed can now be yours. You too can use this incredible winning edge to start your own collection of winning tickets.

lottery tickets-please see our terms of use for visually impaired users


The price for this amazing system, the exact same one that I used to win 40 times in 21 days all around the country, is just $149.95. At this bargain price you can make back three times your investment on your first straight hit alone. But that's just the beginning; the WINMASTER system will keep on picking winning Pick-3 numbers for years to come. I know because I created it. If you are ready to put this kind of winning power to work for you, then I urge you to get your copy of the WINMASTER system right now!!!




The Steve Player Lottery systems described and offered on this website represent the leading edge of applied mathematical Lottery Number analysis and hybrid conditional wheeling technology. While these systems have shown favorable results in the past in legally sanctioned State Lottery Games, neither the Publisher nor the Author make any claims, expressed or implied, as to the effectiveness of these systems in any game during any period of time. All Lottery games contain certain inherent elements of risk. These systems do not claim or in any other way imply that they can or will eliminate that risk entirely. The systems described on this website are presented as mathematically founded guidelines to illustrate said risk in such a manner as to allow a player to structure his or her legal wagers with a full understanding of the predominant limitations and constraints of the games indicated. Users of these or any other systems are advised to wager only monies which they can afford to lose. The only guarantees are those proposed by the mathematical formulas contained within the actual wagering structures and the hybrid or conditional wheeling schedules. Neither the Publisher nor the Author shall be held liable for any errors or omissions.

Price: $149.95
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