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Profile Systems

Profile Systems

When you use the Profile-5 System

in a Pick-5 Lotto game

you only need 3 numbers right

to win the First Prize Jackpot!!!


When you use the Profile-6 System

in a Pick-6 Lotto game

you only need 4 numbers right

to win the FIRST Prize Jackpot!!!

    It sure looks like this is going to be a banner year for my customers as well as myself. Within a week of mailing out the incredible MONEY MAP systems, the letters started pouring in. Never have I received so much praise and positive response so soon after releasing a new system. When I first told all of you that this was the best Daily Numbers system I had ever created, I’m sure there was a bit of skepticism. Not anymore, Profiling systems chart example- Visually impaired users please see our Accessibility Statement on the Terms Of Use pageespecially not among those of you who have ordered the Money Map systems.

    Congratulations to all of the winners who have already written to me with copies of their winning tickets and stories of their successes. The letters keep pouring in every day, and that means that the winnings are piling up for so many of my friends out there!!!

    One of the letters I received just a week ago asked me what I was going to do for an encore! Would it surprise you that I have been hard at work for the last few months on another system? Well I have, and this time it’s for the benefit of all my Pick-5 and Pick-6 Lotto playing friends out there. Boy, wait till you hear about the treat I have in store for you!!! I have developed a brand new winning technique for playing the Pick-5 and Pick-6 LOTTO games. It’s called “PROFILING,” and it can do things that no other Lotto system can even touch. Forget about the old days of charts, wheeling systems, pairs and number tracking for a moment. This is brand new technology and the win assurance will truly knock your socks off. Before I get into the actual nuts and bolts of what the PROFILE-5 and PROFILE-6 systems can do, let me get a few important points out of the way right here and now. I have been told that some of my recent releases were too expensive for many folks to purchase. The new PROFILE systems are priced well within everyone’s reach at just $99.95. Hot new technology at 1980’s pricing. You asked for it and once again I am delivering!!!

    You also have been asking for an easy-to-use system that does not require hours of past results analysis or complicated charts. The PROFILE systems are so simple to use that you can be filling out your actual betslips just ten minutes after reading the instructions. No charts, no pens and no past results. Finally, you have been asking for a system that doesn’t cost a fortune to play. Here again the PROFILE systems deliver exactly what you asked for. Your total wager for any Pick-5 or Pick-6 drawing will be between $36.00 and $45.00, with coverage assurances that were previously unheard of. If your state game offers 2 plays for $1.00, then your overall playing cost will drop to between $18.00 and $23.00 per drawing!

    Now that we have that out of the way, let me tell you all about what this new PROFILING technology is and what it can do for you. I’ll answer the second question first. What the PROFILE-5 and PROFILE-6 systems can do is win JACKPOTS. Real live, bona-fide, first prize, huge money JACKPOTS. You know what I mean, the kind where the Lottery writes you a check with lots of zeroes and commas!!! The kind of check that makes your distant relatives call you for the first time in ten years. (Change your phone number quickly!) The kind of check that makes your unfriendly neighbors stop over to give you a homemade apple pie. (Move away, quickly!) The kind of check that makes you think about new cars, exotic vacations and paying off your mortgage. (Just do it!) I think you get the idea!!!

    What if I told you that I had a fantastic new system that requires you to play only $36.00 to $45.00 in tickets and will guarantee you a First Prize Jackpot with only 3 numbers right in your state’s Pick-5 game. What if I told you that the Pick-6 version of this same system would also guarantee you a First Prize Jackpot with only 4 numbers right, again with a ticket cost of only $36.00 to $45.00. I bet you would be more than a little excited; in fact, I think you would be listening very closely to what I was saying. Now, assume for a moment that I also told you that the system would only work every other time you used it....or maybe only every third time you used it. Would you still be interested? Of course you would. We are talking about Jackpots here, and anyone telling you that their system can hit the Jackpot every time you use it would be hard pressed to back their statement up. The new PROFILE systems do not win every time out...however, they do give you the best Jackpot odds of any system available, every two to four times you use them, and that’s the KEY point.

    So how can my new PROFILING technique make this happen? I thought you’d never ask! The idea of PROFILING is to create an immediate and major odds reduction in a Pick-5 or Pick-6 Lotto game. How do we do this? Good question! We begin by eliminating a significant amount of the possible combinations from the game. Your first reaction to this would probably be, “if we eliminate combinations, are we not also eliminating combinations that could be drawn?” Yes, of course we are, but that is the beauty of PROFILING. For lack of a better word, PROFILING is an intelligent way to play the Pick-5 and Pick-6 games.

    Take for example the average player who wagers twenty or thirty dollars each week on the Lotto game. It’s basically a stab in the dark as he tries to overcome huge odds for a life changing payday. This same player is only trying to hit the Jackpot once. If he has to play for ten years to do it, he would say that his Jackpot win was worthwhile. Some would call this patience, I call it dreaming. It may take this player 5 years, 10 years, 1,000 years or longer to finally win the Jackpot. The point is, this player has no real basis or foundation behind his numbers, and he certainly has no understanding of how his or her wagers relate to the overall odds. In other words, this player is not using a system, and therefore is at the mercy of the State Lottery Commission and their unfair odds.

    My PROFILE system is an entirely different approach. Your ticket cost is always a fixed amount, between $36.00 and $45.00 per drawing. For our example, let’s say we are playing a 6/40 game. By using the PROFILE-6 system in this game, you know that every other time you play, you will have NO CHANCE AT ALL of winning the Jackpot. For example, if you play for ten drawings, you definitely will not win the Jackpot on 5 of those drawings. I can almost guarantee it. So what is the purpose of using this system? To win the Jackpot of course! Here again is the KEY to the entire approach: even though you have no chance of winning the Jackpot in every 5 out of 10 drawings you play, your chances of winning the Jackpot in the other 5 out of 10 drawings is increased phenomenally. In fact, in five out of the ten drawings, you will only need 4 numbers right to win the FIRST PRIZE PICK-6 LOTTO JACKPOT!!! Yes, you read that correctly, just 4 numbers right wins you the entire Pick-6 Lotto Jackpot, every 5 out of 10 times you play using the PROFILE-6 system!!!

    I can hear it now, “Steve Player, you have finally lost your marbles!!!” I know it sounds impossible, but what I am saying is 100% true. Let me repeat this amazing claim based on my example 6/40 game one more time:


    I have developed a very specific Profile that represents the strongest wagers in the entire game. Not only does this Profile narrow down the combinations and assure Pick-5 and Pick-6 Jackpot hits with only 3 or 4 numbers right, but it also sets up your combinations in such a way that there is less chance of you sharing your Jackpot with other winners. For example, if you won a 10 Million Dollar Pick-6 Jackpot, you probably wouldn’t be quite as excited if you had to share it with 8 other winners. Or if you won a $250,000.00 Pick-5 Jackpot and had to share it with 7 other winners. In this case your prize would be reduced to just over 35,000.00. That can certainly take the wind out of your JACKPOT sails in a hurry. The PROFILE systems not only give you high win percentage combinations, but they also give you combinations that a lot of other players are not covering. That translates into more of the Jackpot dollars for YOU, in both the Pick-5 and Pick-6 Lotto games. There’s nothing wrong with sharing but when we are talking about serious money, the less sharing the better.

    Now let’s take a look at the win guarantees that the PROFILE-5 system offers us. Using a standard 5/35 game as an example, my Profile wins the Jackpot 44% of the time. That means that in every 4 out of 9 drawings, or every 3 out of 7 drawings, this Profile contains all 5 of the winning numbers!!! Think about that for a moment. If you use this system, you will definitely not win the Jackpot 5 out of every 9 drawings. But that’s okay, because you can and will win the Jackpot in the other 4 out of 9 drawings as long as you have 3 numbers right. That’s the power of PROFILING. Even though you are playing a 5/35 game, you only have to have 3 numbers right to win the first prize Jackpot, and you can bank on it!!!


    How is this amazing coverage possible? It’s actually so simple that if I explained it in detail you would be able to do it yourself. I can tell you that this is a brand new way to play, and as you can see, the coverage is so fantastic that it is almost unimaginable. But it gets even better. Using the same PROFILING formula, if you have just two numbers right, you will win at least 1 second prize and 7 third prizes in the Pick-5 game. In the Pick-6 game, if you have only 3 numbers right, you will also win at least 1 second prize and 7 third prizes. Whoever said that “close only counts in horseshoes” obviously was not using my new PROFILE systems.

    If your Pick-5 or Pick-6 playing is not giving you the results you have been looking for, then maybe it’s time you put a winning system to use against your State’s games. With a purchase price of only $99.95, and a playing cost of between $36.00 and $45.00 per drawing, this may be the most overall affordable system I have ever offered. But don’t let the low price fool you, this is a brand new and extremely powerful way to play the Pick-5 and Pick-6 LOTTO games around the country. The guaranteed win assurances are so good that you would have to try very hard to lose money playing this way. The new PROFILE systems are going to create the biggest Jackpot party of all time, and you are all invited.

    To be quite honest with you, this is the kind of system I have wanted to create for many years now. But like all good things, there is no way to rush the process. It took me a long time to lay the ground work for this one and I am very proud of it. The PROFILE-5 and PROFILE-6 systems represent a highly profitable wagering approach that everyone can afford to purchase and everyone can afford to play. And the system is so simple to use, that everyone can win with it. It doesn’t matter if this is the first time you have ever used a system or if you are an experienced player. I meant what I said when I told you that you would be filling out betslips ten minutes after reading the instructions. It’s that easy, it’s that affordable and it’s that good. A perfect culmination that can make you very rich!!!

    It’s not very often that we see brand new breakthrough technology in the world of Lottery systems. This is one of those times, and I assure you, once you start using the PROFILE-5 and PROFILE-6 systems, you will be so comfortable with them that you will wonder how you ever got along without them. These systems work in every State’s Pick-5 game up to 55 numbers and and every Pick-6 game up to 59 numbers. You can even use the Pick-5 version in games with a bonus number, even though you will have to pick the final number separately. It’s Jackpot time my friends and I urge you to not miss out on this fantastic new system that can truly change your life. Order today, your Jackpot awaits you!!!




The Steve Player Lottery systems described and offered on this website represent the leading edge of applied mathematical Lottery Number analysis and hybrid conditional wheeling technology. While these systems have shown favorable results in the past in legally sanctioned State Lottery Games, neither the Publisher nor the Author make any claims, expressed or implied, as to the effectiveness of these systems in any game during any period of time. All Lottery games contain certain inherent elements of risk. These systems do not claim or in any other way imply that they can or will eliminate that risk entirely. The systems described on this website are presented as mathematically founded guidelines to illustrate said risk in such a manner as to allow a player to structure his or her legal wagers with a full understanding of the predominant limitations and constraints of the games indicated. Users of these or any other systems are advised to wager only monies which they can afford to lose. The only guarantees are those proposed by the mathematical formulas contained within the actual wagering structures and the hybrid or conditional wheeling schedules. Neither the Publisher nor the Author shall be held liable for any errors or omissions.

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