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Money Magnet Systems

Money Magnet Systems

No charts-no formulas, no colored pens & no guessing-just play what I say! - Visually impaired users please see our Accessibility Statement on the Terms Of Use page

Hello to all my friends and fellow Lottery enthusiasts.

I would like to begin by congratulating all of those players out there who have been winning big with my systems. We have been getting so many letters from so many happy winners, and that always makes me feel good. Keep those winnings rolling in and keep those letters coming!!!

I have also been receiving a lot of requests asking me to put out a system that does not require the use of charts, formulas, colored pens or any degree of guessing your own numbers. It seems that many of you would still rather have me pick the numbers for you. For those of you that feel that way, this is certainly going to be your lucky month. I have been spending a great deal of time over the last few months working on a concept that, as far as I know, has never been applied to Lottery games. In fact, it is actually a mathematical application of a forensic science tool called chronological incidence patterning. I know how much you hate it when I use big words and complicated concepts, but that is my job you know!!! I spend a lot of time studying and applying cutting edge technologies to our beloved Lottery games, and then I turn all the technical gibberish into usable formulations that can benefit us all. This time I have taken it one step further, by applying this exciting new winning approach to a group of systems that actually gives you the exact numbers to play, each and every night, for the Pick-3, Pick-4 and Pick-5 games as well as the Powerball and Mega Millions games. First, let me make one thing absolutely clear. You will not have to figure anything out. You will not have to decide which numbers to play. You will not have to draw any lines or fill in any boxes with colored pens. You will not have to make any choices at all. JUST PLAY WHAT I SAY!!!

Woman and money- Visually impaired users please see our Accessibility Statement on the Terms Of Use page

My new systems are called the MONEY MAGNETS, and there is a very good reason that I selected that name. By applying my system to a short list of the most recent numbers drawn in your state's games, it actually pulls certain numbers out of the list to play for the upcoming drawing...just like a MONEY MAGNET. In a nutshell, the order of the most recent numbers drawn in any game, govern to a certain degree the order of the future numbers that will most likely be drawn. Many of the best lottery minds in the world have spent years trying to unravel the formulas that influence this occurrence. I believe I have finally figured out the winning solution through the use of the aforementioned chronological incidence patterning algorithms. It really doesn't matter how it works, the simple fact that it does work, and that it can put piles of money in your pocket, is what is most important. And that, my friends, is exactly what the MONEY MAGNET can do: it can take the money out of the hands of the State Lottery and put it back into our hands!!!


Let me start by telling you about the Pick-3 Daily Numbers version of the MONEY MAGNET system. There are two ways to use this system, and both methods work in every state's Pick-3 (or WIN-3) game for both the Midday and Evening drawings. You can choose to play the numbers I give you in either Boxed (ANY ORDER) form or Straight (EXACT ORDER) form. You begin by filling in the numbers drawn in your game over the last few days into the actual MONEY MAGNET CASH BAR. It then tells you which of these digits to play for the upcoming drawing, and then arranges those digits into red hot 100% ready-to-play Pick-3 combinations.

The MONEY MAGNET method will give you an astounding 40% coverage of all the digits in the game for as little as a $4.00 daily investment. Keep in mind that you will not have to choose any of the digits or arrange any of the numbers. This is all done in advance for you. All you will do is play the numbers I give you. That's why I call it PLAY WHAT I SAY!!!

By now you are probably wondering how often you can expect to win with this system. Can you win every time you play? Of course not!!! What a silly question. There is no such thing as a system that will win every time, and if anyone were to tell you otherwise it would be nothing more than a blatant lie. I have actually won 5 times in a seven day period using a variation of this method while playing my numbers in straight form. How often you win in your state's game will vary over time. You can have hot streaks with multiple wins in the same week and at other times experience days when you only come close. That's why I have incorporated a special Progressive Wagering Insurance module into the system. This allows you to play for a full thirty days without a hit before you ever lose any money. That's right, just one hit in every thirty day period and you will still show a profit!!! That gives you the best of both worlds: the thrill of an effective system that wins cash and the safety of protecting your investment with my proven Progressive Wagering Insurance.

Most importantly, you will be using a system that pays you either $80.00 or $160.00 for each hit if you play the numbers I give you in boxed form, and either $500.00 or $1,000.00 for each hit if you play the numbers I give you in straight form. Never before have I designed a system that is so effective and so simple that absolutely anyone can win with it. And best of all, the only thing that you have to do is fill in the blanks and play my numbers!!! You can use this system while on your coffee break, while riding the subway or even right at the ticket counter. It's that quick and it truly is that simple.

I think you'll agree that the Pick-3 MONEY MAGNET has all the ingredients to immediately become one of your favorite Lottery systems of all time. With a play cost as low as $4.00 per day, the ability to hit multiple winning numbers in the same week, the benefit and security of Progressive Wagering Insurance and the simplicity of not having to choose your own numbers, the Pick-3 MONEY MAGNET is a winning proposition. Order the system today and you can play my winning selections the very same day you receive your MONEY MAGNET.

Pick 3 Game-win $500 to $1000 each time- Visually impaired users please see our Accessibility Statement on the Terms Of Use page


The Pick-4 version of the MONEY MAGNET system is just as easy to use and even more powerful in its ability to show you how to cash in on big money. Once again you can elect to play the numbers in either Boxed (ANY ORDER) or Straight (EXACT ORDER) form. As with the Pick-3 version of this system, you will simply fill the last few numbers drawn in your game into the MONEY MAGNET CASH BAR. It then tells you which of these digits to play for the upcoming drawing. This method will also give you an astounding 40% coverage of all the digits in the game for as little as a $13.00 daily investment.. Every time you hit you will win either $200.00 or $400.00 when playing the numbers I give you in boxed form. If you play the numbers I give you using the Straight (EXACT ORDER) version of the Pick-4 MONEY MAGNET, each hit will be worth a cool $5,000.00.

That's right, five thousand big ones, right into your pocket, courtesy of the MONEY MAGNET and your State Lottery Commission!!! Think about this for a moment. If you hit just one straight number each month in the Pick-4 game, you would win a total of $60,000.00 in a one year period. Two hits a month and you would win $120,000.00 for the year. Three hits a month and you would win $180,000.00 for the year!!! With potential returns like this it is easy to understand why this system is called the MONEY MAGNET.

Pick 4 Game straight-Win $5000 each time- Visually impaired users please see our Accessibility Statement on the Terms Of Use page


The Pick-5 version of the MONEY MAGNET system uses the same technology to bring you high paying ready-to-play winning combinations for all state's Pick-5 games. This is the big gun in the MONEY MAGNET arsenal because now you will be setting your sights on those legendary First Prize JACKPOT returns. The various Pick-5 games played around the country offer sizable JACKPOTS that can put a very big smile on your face and a large pile of cash into your bank account.

To use the powerful Pick-5 MONEY MAGNET system you will again begin by filling the most recently drawn numbers in your state's game into the MONEY MAGNET CASH BAR. There is a different MONEY MAGNET CASH BAR for each game format from 5/25 though 5/56. Once again your coverage will be as high as 40% of all the numbers in the game and your playing cost will be as low as $17.00 per drawing. That in itself is an incredible degree of coverage, and remember, there is nothing at all for you to figure out. I will be giving you the exact five number combinations to play. If three different people are using this system to play the same game, they will all be playing the same numbers. No guessing, no interpretation and no charting!!! The Pick-5 game has rapidly become one of the favorite game formats of players all around the country. I have a feeling that the PICK-5 MONEY MAGNET system will quickly become your favorite Pick-5 system. It's easy to use, it's very effective and it does not cost much to play. What more could you ask for!!!Glass jar of money- Visually impaired users please see our Accessibility Statement on the Terms Of Use page

Now it's time for you to decide if you want to put the power of the MONEY MAGNET to work against your state's Lottery games. You asked for an easy to use system that can help you reap immediate rewards. You asked for a system that gives you 100% ready to play numbers. You asked for a system with an affordable purchase price and a low daily investment. Once again, Steve Player has delivered exactly what you asked for. If you are ready to start winning, then order the MONEY MAGNET and PLAY WHAT I SAY. I urge you to order your MONEY MAGNET today. There is a ton of money waiting to be won in Lottery games around the country. Make sure you don't miss your opportunity to claim your share of the wealth!!!




The Steve Player Lottery systems described and offered on this website represent the leading edge of applied mathematical Lottery Number analysis and hybrid conditional wheeling technology. While these systems have shown favorable results in the past in legally sanctioned State Lottery Games, neither the Publisher nor the Author make any claims, expressed or implied, as to the effectiveness of these systems in any game during any period of time. All Lottery games contain certain inherent elements of risk. These systems do not claim or in any other way imply that they can or will eliminate that risk entirely. The systems described on this website are presented as mathematically founded guidelines to illustrate said risk in such a manner as to allow a player to structure his or her legal wagers with a full understanding of the predominant limitations and constraints of the games indicated. Users of these or any other systems are advised to wager only monies which they can afford to lose. The only guarantees are those proposed by the mathematical formulas contained within the actual wagering structures and the hybrid or conditional wheeling schedules. Neither the Publisher nor the Author shall be held liable for any errors or omissions.

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