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Since 1987 this system has picked over 700 Pick-5 and Pick-6 Jackpots

5,874 Second Prizes - 4 out of 5 or 5 out of 6 right

24,917 Third Prizes - 3 out of 5 or 4 out of 6 right

Forget everything you have ever heard about the right way to play LOTTO. A computer research team headed up by Steve Player has done the impossible...they have developed a pattern formula which can win any states Pick-5 or Pick-6 LOTTO game. Since 1987, the number groups used in these systems have contained all 5 or 6 winning Lotto numbers (JACKPOT) over 400 times, five out of six or four out of five winning numbers 5,874 times and four out of six or three out of five winning numbers 24,917 times throughout the country. By the time you read this, those tallies will be even higher!

This winning formula can work for anyone and we guarantee it!- Visually impaired users please see our Accessibility Statement on the Terms Of Use pageOkay, what’s the catch? There is no catch...this system has an inside track on winning
LOTTO combinations. You do not have to invest thousands of dollars, you do not need to spend hours figuring out whichnumbers to play and you do not need a computer. We have already done all the computer work. In fact, you only have to play between 8 and 32 sets of numbers, depending on the game format in your state. The main difference between our Advantage-5 and 6 systems and other reports or systems lies in the fact that everyone is given the same numbers to play. There is no guessing...if 100 people use this system, they will all be working with the same groups of numbers. We give the numbers to you in READY-TO-PLAY form, actual 5 and 6 number combinations that deliver results.

Stop dreaming about winning tickets and start cashing in your own. The Advantage-5 and 6 systems put winning tickets within everyone’s reach, and we even guarantee that one of our number sets will contain at least 5 numbers right in the first six months you use the system.

HERE’S WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY “I would like to tell you how absolutely delighted I am with this system. On my first try I won 5 numbers right. The next week I won 4 numbers right. After two drawings I have won $1,988.00. The next time I write to you it will be as a millionaire.”
-RP Farmingdale, NY

“I was a real skeptic when I tried your system, and after I had four numbers right on my third try I thought it was luck. The next week I had five numbers right on two tickets, and 4 numbers right on three tickets. I don’t know how you did it, but thanks!”
-WR Bennington, VT

For all of you who thought LOTTO was a game of luck, we are about to change your mind. If you are playing to win then you need the accuracy of the Advantage-5 and 6 systems. The price is only $49.95 for either the Pick-5 or Pick-6 system, or order both at once for only $75.00 (save $24.90) There is nothing else to buy and these systems can be used for years, plus our guarantee lets you to try them risk free for six months.

No Risk Guarantee
Use the Advantage-6 system in your state for six months. If during that time one of the sets of numbers we give you does not contain at least 5 winning numbers, return the system to us for a full refund of the purchase price. The Advantage-5 system guarantees at least four winning numbers in the same period.




The Steve Player Lottery systems described and offered on this website represent the leading edge of applied mathematical Lottery Number analysis and hybrid conditional wheeling technology. While these systems have shown favorable results in the past in legally sanctioned State Lottery Games, neither the Publisher nor the Author make any claims, expressed or implied, as to the effectiveness of these systems in any game during any period of time. All Lottery games contain certain inherent elements of risk. These systems do not claim or in any other way imply that they can or will eliminate that risk entirely. The systems described on this website are presented as mathematically founded guidelines to illustrate said risk in such a manner as to allow a player to structure his or her legal wagers with a full understanding of the predominant limitations and constraints of the games indicated. Users of these or any other systems are advised to wager only monies which they can afford to lose. The only guarantees are those proposed by the mathematical formulas contained within the actual wagering structures and the hybrid or conditional wheeling schedules. Neither the Publisher nor the Author shall be held liable for any errors or omissions.

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