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Posted by: Steve Player Admin on Thursday, January 10, 2019 at 7:00:00 am


    Every month I post my FREE number selections for all U.S. and Canadian Pick-3 games. If you have missed these FREE numbers, you can CLICK HERE to view them now. These numbers are selected using a special set of computer algorithms which assess the recent past results in each game. These FREE number picks have been very successful and we have seen as many as seven hits in a single game in a one month period. As many of you know, I also offer several premiere number clubs for the Pick-3, Pick-4, Pick-5, Mega Millions and Powerball games. Players often ask if the FREE numbers I give out each month are the same numbers that my premiere club members get. The answer to that question is NO, they are not, and I will explain why they are not.

    The FREE number selections which I post are designed to give new players a taste of what winning the Lottery feels like. While these selections continue to produce cash winning hits in games around the country, they are just the tip of the iceberg. The various premiere number clubs which I offer are based on a much more in-depth analysis of the current activity in each State’s games. These selections are much more refined and they have historically produced a much higher percentage of monthly hits with significantly higher returns. While the FREE numbers can and do produce Straight (Exact Order) winners, they are primarily designed to be played in Boxed (Any Order) form. My premiere club numbers, on the other hand, are specifically designed to be played in Straight form.

    For example, let’s compare my FREE Pick-3 numbers with the PRO-3 EXACT numbers club. The first difference is that there are 12 FREE Boxed Pick-3 numbers posted each month for each specific State’s game, while the PRO-3 EXACT Club gives you just nine numbers to play in Straight form. That means that your daily cost to play the PRO-3 EXACT numbers is just $9.00 while your daily cost to play the FREE numbers is $12.00. Let’s say that in a single 31 day month, six of my FREE numbers are drawn in your State’s game, and each of them paid $80.00 for a $1.00 Boxed hit. Your playing cost would be $372.00 and your winnings would total $480.00, giving you a profit of $108.00. If, on the other hand, three of my PRO-3 EXACT numbers are drawn in your State’s game, your playing cost would be just $279.00 while your winnings would total $1,500.00, giving you a profit of $1,221.00! That’s a very big difference and one that can put a lot more cash in your pocket!!!

    The numbers that I give my premiere club members are not free, they are pay-to-play programs, but the potential returns are very attractive. Let’s look at the PRO-4 EXACT Club which also gives you exactly 9 numbers to play each day in your State’s Pick-4 game in Straight form. Your monthly playing cost again is just $279.00, however, in this case each and every successful hit pays you $5,000.00. That means it would cost you $3,285.00 to play my selections for an entire year, and just one single hit would show you a profit of $1,715.00. But why stop there? Three hits in a year would show you a profit of $11,715.00, six hits a year would result in a profit of $26,715.00, and one hit each month for a full year would enrich you with $56,715.00 in winnings!!!

    Many players enjoy playing and winning with my FREE selections each month, and I am more than happy to provide them. If you want to step up to the next level, then my premiere number clubs are where the most powerful and highly refined selections for each State’s games can be found. I have received countless letters from happy players around the country who started out by playing my FREE numbers for a few months. They then used their winnings to enroll in one of my premiere clubs where they quickly found their winnings increasing exponentially. Shown below is a complete list of the premiere number clubs which I currently offer and a quick synopsis of the playing cost and potential returns. While there is no guarantee in regard to how many winning numbers you will see, our longstanding track record indicates that these are the absolute best pay-to-play number clubs available anywhere. If you are looking for a reliable source for what I feel are the most likely numbers to be drawn in your State’s games, then you have come to the right place! Thousands of players have won cash with my premiere monthly club selections, and so can you. If you are ready to step up to proven winning numbers, then I personally invite you to join one of my premiere winning clubs today!!!

GOOD LUCK…Steve Player

    The premiere monthly number clubs listed below all give you READY-TO-PLAY NUMBERS specifically designed to be played in your State’s game. There are no workouts or charts required and you will not need any past results.



THE PICK-3 & PICK-4 POWER CASH CLUB – Brand new for 2019. Play just 6 numbers a day using a revolutionary new wagering method to win up to $15,000.00 a month.


THE PRO-3 EXACT CLUB – Play just 9  Straight PICK-3 numbers a day and win $500.00 or more every time one of my numbers is drawn. This is one of our most successful premiere number clubs.


THE PRO-4 EXACT CLUB – Play just 9 Straight PICK-4 numbers a day and win $5,000.00 or more every time one of my numbers is drawn. This is the big money premiere numbers club for PRO PLAYERS!

POWERBALL & MEGA MILLIONS - THE MILLION DOLLAR CLUB – This is the club for Jackpot Hunters! Our members have won as much as $21,348.00 in a single drawing with my READY-TO-PLAY numbers. There are exactly 45 total combinations to play for each drawing. We have our eyes set on a monster Jackpot, and it’s just a matter of time until we deliver it to our club members!!!

THE PICK-5 JACKPOT ATTACK CLUB – Available for all State’s Pick-5 games, this is the ultimate Pick-5 Club in the country. Members get exactly 43 READY-TO-PLAY combinations for each drawing in their State’s Pick-5 game. Memberships are also available for the Powerball and Mega Millions games.

THE EASY MONEY-4 CLUB (PICK-4) – Get my 3 READY-TO-PLAY “BEST BET” numbers for your State’s Pick-4 game, or broaden your coverage with my expanded selections. This is the Club that made history by hitting a total of 100 times in a single State in just one year!!!

THE NATIONAL HOTLIST CLUB (PICK-3 & PICK-4) – When this club was first introduced in 2018, our selections hit 217 times in just 40 days in games around the country! Month after month this club continues to win with an amazing track record.