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2019 National HOT NUMBER Forecast

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Posted by: Steve Player Admin on Thursday, December 27, 2018 at 12:00:00 am

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    Our computers are running night and day throughout the year analyzing the results of each and every Lottery Lottery game. We use the most advanced algorithms available to spot all the trends and patterns which influence the outcome of each upcoming drawing. Obviously these trends and patterns are unique to any specific game at any given time, but many people are not aware that there are also cumulative trends and patterns that can be measured and capitalized on.

    At the end of each year we run a specialized set of computer programs that analyze the combined results of all the Pick-3 games played in the United States. Our computers then forecast the most likely numbers for the coming year, a set of numbers that we feel have the highest percentage chance of being drawn in all Lottery States. I call this our National HOT NUMBER Forecast, and for the last five years in a row, it has proven itself to be extremely accurate.

    Our National HOT NUMBER Forecast for 2019 is shown below, and these are the numbers that we anticipate will show the highest level of activity in all Pick-3 games throughout the country. These numbers are valid for all State’s Pick-3 games and all drawings (Midday and Evening). There are exactly 15 numbers listed, and while these numbers are most likely to be drawn in Straight (Exact Order) form, they can also be played in Boxed (Any Order) form. Feel free to play these numbers in your State’s game, or simply follow them each day to see how well they perform. While there is of course no guarantee that they will win, based on our previous years forecasts, you will probably be very surprised at how well these numbers perform!



501 - 370 - 248 - 409 - 421

714 - 378 - 218 - 214 - 643

345 - 010 - 396 - 314 - 678

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