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Posted by: Steve Player Admin on Tuesday, October 23, 2018 at 12:00:00 am
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Reducing Your Jackpot Odds To Just 12,607,306 TO 1

    No matter how you feel about the Mega Millions game, the allure of a $1.6 Billion Jackpot is undeniable. Most players would be more than happy to simply win one Million dollars, and a Jackpot of $10 Million would certainly be enough to change anyone’s life. So why is everyone going crazy over this $1.6 Billion Jackpot? Because it truly is “Stupid Money!!!” What can you do with that much money? Just about anything, multiple times, for a very long time. In fact, I think that most of us would be hard pressed to actually spend all of it in our lifetime, however, I don’t think that any of us would willingly pass up the opportunity to try to spend it all!

    The biggest obstacle between dreaming about winning a Jackpot of this size and actually pulling it off is that pesky odds barrier. It’s actually a very simple game format: pick 5 numbers out of 70 and then one more number between 1 and 25, and if all your numbers match, your Billion dollar spending spree can begin. The actual odds of pulling this off are an astronomical 302,575,350 to 1. In reality, you actually have a better chance of being hit by lightning while being attacked by a shark. What if I told you that you could reduce the odds of winning the Jackpot to only 12,607,306 to 1? Those are far better odds, and your likelihood of actually hitting the Jackpot with just 12 Million to 1 odds is greatly increased. So how can you take advantage of this tremendous odds reduction? It’s simple.

    Begin by picking any five numbers from 1 to 70. You can use an analysis of the current activity in the game to choose these five numbers, or simply play your five favorite numbers. Now you will need to fill out exactly 25 game panels using the same set of your five chosen numbers each time. Once this is done, simply fill in the Mega Ball numbers 1 through 25 onto each of your game panels. It will cost you $50.00 to play these 25 combinations, but you will automatically have every possible Mega Ball number covered. All that has to happen now, to elevate you to the status of a billionaire, is that all five of your chosen numbers have to be drawn. The odds of having all five of the primary numbers right is now exactly 12,607,306 to 1. For an even higher degree of overall coverage you should also choose the Megaplier option to increase your potential payout. The final cost to play with this highest level of coverage is $75.00, and if you can afford to stake a wager of that size, you may be surprised at how many winning options you are in the running for.

    If this wagering stance seems silly to you then I offer you the following evidence of its viability. On October 19th the Mega Millions Jackpot was $1 Billion, and as we all know, there was no Jackpot winning. There were, however, 15 players who matched all 5 of the primary winning numbers. Each of them won either $1 Million, or $2 Million if they Megaplied their numbers. If any of these 15 players had used the above described technique, then they would have not only won the $1 Billion Jackpot, but they would have also cashed in on an additional $24 Million for matching five numbers right 24 times, or $48 Million if they had Megaplied their numbers. I realize that an extra $48 Million may seem like chump change to a billionaire, but it is real money nonetheless! The advantage of this wagering stance does not end there, in fact, it continues right down through several other prize levels.

    Using the same example for the October 19th drawing, if you had matched just 4 of the primary numbers drawn, then you would have cashed in a prize of $500.00, which exactly 6,661 players did. Those who Megaplied their numbers saw their payout increased to $1,000.00. If any of those 6,661 players who matched 4 numbers right had used the technique described above, they would have cashed in one ticket with 4 numbers right plus the Mega Ball number for a prize of $10,000.00 plus 24 tickets with 4 numbers right for an additional payout of $12,000.00. That’s a total payday of $22,000.00 instead of just $500.00. If any of these players had Megaplied their numbers, then their total payout would have been $44,000.00 instead of only $1,000.00. Think about that for a moment: a $44,000.00 payday for matching just four numbers right!

    Still not convinced that this is a better overall way to play? There were 437,325 players who successfully matched 3 of the primary winning numbers on October 19th. Each of them were rewarded with a $10.00 prize for their efforts, or $20.00 if they Megaplied their numbers. If any of these 437,325 winners had used the technique described above, then their winnings would have been increased to $440.00, or $880.00 if they had Megaplied their numbers. As you can see, winning $440.00 on a $50.00 total wager, or $880.00 on a $75.00 total wager represents a formidable return on investment.

    Even if you only matched two numbers, you would have won $10.00, or $20.00 Megaplied. Match just one number and you win $4.00, or $8.00 Megaplied. Even if none of your five selected numbers are drawn, you will still have one ticket with the correct Mega Ball number worth $2.00, or $4.00 Megaplied. You may be thinking that wagering $50.00 or $75.00 to win $2.00 or $4.00 is crazy stupid, and I would agree, however, that’s not the point. We are talking about an opportunity to win $1 Billion or more, and any edge we can gain in the form of a viable odds reduction, or increase in our overall potential return, represents a positive wagering effort.

    Think about the 15 players who matched all five of the primary winning numbers on October 19th. They each won either $1 or $2 Million dollars, which I am sure made them very happy. However, if you were to ask any of these 15 players who were chasing the $1 Billion dollar Jackpot if they wished they had used this technique, I think all of them would say yes! Keep in mind that playing any of the big money games like Mega Millions or Powerball is a long shot venture; an opportunity to dream about life changing prizes and a chance to put yourself in the running to possibly make those dreams come true. In the end, playing these games is a form of recreation, and as such, you should only wager as much money as you are willing to lose. If you can afford to play $50.00 or $75.00 with a historic Jackpot up for grabs, and you like the idea of covering as many of your bases as reasonably possible, then go for it. Sooner or later someone is going to win this monster Jackpot, so why not you!!!

GOOD LUCK…Steve Player