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Posted by: Steve Player on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 at 12:00:00 am

    There are dozens of amusing theories about me and my winning track record circling the internet on various forums, message boards and blog posts, but I’m afraid they are all fundamentally incorrect. Some say that I simply have too much luck! I wish that were the case, but unfortunately it’s not. If I were indeed blessed with an unlimited fountain of luck, then I would have long ago won both a giant Powerball Jackpot and a formidable Mega-Millions Jackpot and retired to a life of leisure on a white sand beach in Tahiti! While these mega Jackpots may have so far eluded me, I will however keep trying to win one (or both) of them.

    Others say that the millions of dollars in winning tickets and checks I have posted over the years are a giant hoax, a product of my highly developed Photoshop techniques. In response to this folly I can tell you with utmost certainty that I actually have no idea how to use Photoshop. Secondly, if the winning tickets and checks shown on my website were not real, then I’m sure that the various State Lottery Commissions represented by these tickets would have long ago blown the whistle on me. This would most likely have been followed by the authorities providing me with long term accommodations complete with a cot and three hots a day! The undisputeable truth is that my winning tickets and checks are not only 100% real, but they are also a matter of public record. You can go to the New Hampshire Lottery Website, or any other State Lottery website where I have won, and you will see my name and the amount I won listed in black and white for everyone to see.

    My favorite rumor, another far-reaching and rather laughable fabrication, is the theory that the money I have spent buying Lottery tickets far exceeds the amount I have won.   As much as I hate to poke holes in such colorful theories of impropriety, I’m afraid that claims like this simply do not hold water. To begin with, this would mean that I would have had to stake millions of dollars of my own money to win millions of dollars in the Lottery. This would be sort of like “putting the cart before the horse,” since I did not have millions of dollars to invest before I started playing the Lottery. Secondly, since the majority of all Lottery games are structured 2 to 1 against the player, I would have had to invest $2 Million for every $1 Million I have won. I consider myself a pretty savvy Lottery player, and as such, wagering $2 Million to win $1 Million would, in my eyes, be the epitome of blatant stupidity! I will be the first to admit that at this point in my career I am far enough ahead of the games that I am able to make very large wagers when playing the Lottery. This should be obvious from my consistent single day $50,000.00 and $100,000.00 winnings in the Pick-3 game and my multiple $200,000.00 single day winnings in the Pick-4 game. Even so, I can assure you that my overall winnings do in fact far exceed my cumulative wagers.       

    Recently I read an interesting Blog which claimed that I have for many years been using my alleged highly refined computer skills to hack the State Lottery computers and affect the actual outcome of the games, thus insuring that I would always have the winning ticket. While I certainly do appreciate the fact that the author of this theory thought so highly of my hacking abilities, once again, this theory is not only far from true, but even further from remotely feasible. Yes, there have been some highly publicized reported incidents of Lottery computer hacking, however, they have all been orchestrated by internal employees of the Lottery Commission or their contractors. These are all people who have had direct access to the ultra-secure Lottery computer systems. In order for me to achieve that level of access, I would first have to not only land a job at the Lottery Commission, but I would have to secure a position quite high up in the food chain. Being a professional Lottery player who makes his living playing and beating the games, it would be rather difficult for me to even get a job sweeping the floors at Lottery headquarters. In their eyes that would be like hiring the Fox to guard the chicken coup; it simply would never happen.

    Over the years many people who claim to be “in the know” have posted stories asserting that Steve Player is not a person, but rather a corporation. They describe this corporation as a large consortium of skilled computer programmers arriving at work each day to churn out Lottery systems on a regular basis. These experts swear up and down that there is not, and never has been, a person named Steve Player. Sometimes, I too wish that this were the case, especially last week when I, Steve Player, had to sit in the dentists’ chair to undergo a root canal procedure. Believe me, I would have much preferred to have sent one of these so called consortium programmers in my place. Unfortunately, I woke up that day, and my name was still Steve Player, and it was I, and I alone, who was called in to endure the cruelties of modern dentistry.

    While I truly appreciate all the time and energy that so many people continue to devote to their own homespun “Fake News” versions of the multitude of Steve Player myths available for public consumption, I am both amused and disappointed that no one has yet figured out what my own personal dark secret really is. Actually, if you really wanted to know, all you would have had to do was ask! So, instead of waiting another 10 or even 20 years for someone to figure it out, I am ready to reveal my “dirty little secret” to the entire world, once and for all. However, I do have to warn you that you might find my confession quite shocking, so I advise you to proceed at your own risk. If you think that you can handle it, click the link below and all will be revealed!


GOOD LUCK...Steve Player