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Posted by: Steve Player on Tuesday, January 30, 2018 at 12:00:00 am

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    The majority of Lottery players look at the various games available as an opportunity to throw a few dollars into the wind, hoping that lady luck will reward them with anything from a handful of cash to a life changing Multi-Million Dollar Jackpot. Week after week, they play for the sheer joy of dreaming big, an innocent distraction from the day to day rigors of everyday life. These are the casual players, the ones that are convinced that luck, and luck alone, is the only deciding factor that determines whether they will be driving a brand new Range Rover or a well- worn Chevy to work on Monday morning.

    This is the mindset that all players start with, and statistically, it is also the prevailing mindset that the majority of players adopt for the long term. Most players are more than satisfied with this arrangement, quietly abiding by the catch phrases “Just a buck and a Little Luck” or “All you need is a dollar and a dream.” After a few years of playing this way, one cannot help but be nudged by the nagging notion that, just maybe, there’s got to be a way to collaborate with Lady Luck. Every time you find yourself holding a ticket that is just one or two numbers away from being a winner, you first find yourself deflated, because your number did not come in, and then feel reinvigorated by the realization that you again came so close to Lottery success. The stark reality of this scenario is that it describes the exact self-perpetuating cycle that the State Lottery Commission counts on to keep you coming back, with your dollars in hand, week after week and year after year.

    Unfortunately, if this describes your style of Lottery play, it also firmly entrenches you in the collective pool of players that are statistically destined to cumulatively lose more money than they will ever win. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, but the actual outlook of long term success when playing this way is somewhere between grim and dismal! Sure, you may win a few hundred dollars here or a few thousand dollars there, and if you are one of the very lucky ones you might even win a Multi-Million Dollar Jackpot somewhere along the way, but the long term odds are severely stacked against your success. In fact, less than 1% of long term casual players will ever win more than they spend on the Lottery games. If you play the Lottery for 30 years by simply picking your numbers out of a hat, chances are that you will eventually lose your hat, and often times, you may also lose your shirt along the way! That’s how the games are designed. While Lady Luck may throw you a few crumbs along the way, in the end, the only sure winner is the Lottery.

    Please understand that I am not trying to paint a negative picture nor am I trying to ruin your hopes of ever winning the Lottery. What I have described is the actual reality, let’s call it the naked truth, that every casual Lottery winner is up against, though most never see it that way. But there is a better way to play; a better way to do everything possible to insure that you do not end up pigeon-holed in the vast pool of long term Lottery losers. It all comes down to three things: Awareness, Knowledge and Discipline. If you are willing to expand your horizons by investing a little bit of time learning and applying these three proven and practical guidelines, then you too can leave the ranks of the casual player and begin your journey towards becoming an informed player. Once you have made that transition, there is no denying that your chances of achieving Lottery success will be greatly increased!


    While this may at first sound too simple, awareness is actually an integral component to gaining a clear picture of what you are up against when playing the Lottery games. Let me make one thing perfectly clear: The Lottery Commission does not exist to put money in your pocket. Their sole mission is to make money for their respective State government coffers. They operate entirely under a monopolistic, high profit margin business model, and their success is insured by the fact that they do not allow any competition to exist in their essentially self-regulated marketplace. With that said, there remains plenty of money to be won by informed players, but being aware of the scope and power of this worthy adversary is essential in our quest to relieve them of a portion of their profits.

    The second aspect of awareness lies in understanding all of the available games and choosing only those that offer odds and returns that represent viable playing goals. For example, if you think that you can achieve steady long term returns by exclusively playing the super high odds Powerball and Mega Millions games, then you are most likely headed in the wrong direction. No matter how in-depth your analysis of these games is, or how good a system you are employing in your attempt to beat them, most players simply do not have the wagering budget to even remotely approach leveling the playing field in these games.

    The Pick-3 and Pick-4 games offer much more manageable odds, and since they are drawn every day (often twice a day), there is a greater amount of short term past results data available to aid you in spotting and capitalizing on the patterns and trends that can be analyzed within this universe of results. Choosing the right game or games to play is the first step in attaining success in your Lottery endeavors. This awareness is further enhanced by wagering on the correct types of bets based on your personal budget. You have many options here with most States offering PAIR wagers, BOXED (any order) wagers as well as conventional STRAIGHT (exact order) wagers.

    When choosing which game or games to play and which type of bets to make, it is important to be realistic in your overall goals. Everyone wants to win hundreds or thousands of dollars each and every week, but it can take quite a while before your Lottery acumen reaches the level required to show you such lofty returns. When you first move into the realm of informed systems play, your goal should be very simple: to make a profit. Any profit at all is a viable goal because the odds of the games are initially stacked 2 to 1 against you every time you fill out a bet slip. For example, there are 1,000 possible exact order numbers in the Pick-3 game. Most States pay you $500.00 for a winning $1.00 wager on a straight Pick-3 number. Therefore, if you were to wager $1.00 on each of the 1,000 possible numbers, you would be guaranteed to win. However, it would cost you exactly $1,000.00 to place these wagers and the State will only pay you $500.00 for your efforts, hence the 2 to 1 house advantage.

    If your initial goal is to simply make a profit, then you are launching your quest with realistic expectations. If your budget allows you to wager a total of $25.00 per week, then winning anything over $25.00 should be considered a success. Keep in mind, this is only your initial goal, not your ultimate goal. If you can consistently show a profit, week after week, then you can begin to increase your wager which will increase your overall profit potential. Again, awareness of all aspects of the challenge we are facing is the first step in becoming an informed player and tantamount to our overall success when playing the Lottery.


    The second key to your overall success is knowledge, and I can tell you right now, there simply is no substitute for raw knowledge. In order to become good at anything, you have to first learn the fundamentals, and then you must be able to properly apply your understanding of these fundamentals to the task at hand. The wonderful thing about learning is that it is a never ending process. I consider it a blessing to have one of the greatest jobs in the world, because for the past 36 years, I have been able to spend all of my time figuring out how to beat the Lottery games, and I keep learning more and more every step of the way. During this lifelong journey of perpetual learning I have won millions of dollars in the Lottery, but more importantly, I have learned how to play and win consistently. My continued success is a direct result of the knowledge I have gained along the way and the methodology I use to apply this ever increasing body of knowledge to my Lottery craft.

    People ask me all the time how I keep on winning so much money, year after year. The simple answer is that the more you do something, the better you become at it. When we first learn to walk, it is a very difficult one step at a time process, but we get a little better at it each time we try. At this point, most of us don’t even have to think about putting one foot in front of the other, we just do it because we have gotten so good at it. We have learned that walking uphill requires more effort than walking downhill. We have learned to tackle curbs, stairs and most any obstacle that we may encounter. We have learned to walk gingerly across an icy parking lot and briskly when traversing the hot sands at the beach barefoot. We have even learned some very advanced walking techniques, like hobbling after we step on a splinter and walking in patterned steps while dancing. Most of us have learned how to walk and talk at the same time and some of us can even chew gum and walk at the same time! Just the other day I watched a young many walking down the street with both shoes untied while talking on his cell phone, smoking a cigarette, carrying a grocery bag and looking over his shoulder, all at the same time. It was quite impressive until he tripped over a crack on the sidewalk and fell face first into a pile of garbage. For him, learning to master advanced levels of walking obviously remains a work in progress. This walking thing can be rather complex if you really think about it, and for the most part, we have all mastered it to a very high level. The point here is that knowledge is what gets us ahead in any pursuit we choose to take on.

    Winning the Lottery is no different. There are a plethora of basic analysis and playing techniques that even a brand new player can instantly benefit from. For example, anyone who plays the Pick-3 or Pick-4 games can immediately increase their overall knowledge of the hidden patterns and trends in the games by using the very basic CASH KING system. I say basic, because a system like this may seem like child’s play to a seasoned Lottery player, while to someone new to systems play, it can truly open their eyes to a whole new world of possibilities and offer them a greater overall level of understanding of the fundamentals of the games. I have personally watched brand new players read the CASH KING system and literally glow with excitement, making comments like “I had no idea that any of this was possible!”

    Every new technique that you learn and every new system which you acquire becomes a tool that you can use throughout your Lottery playing career. Eventually, you will build up an extensive “toolbox” of selection techniques and well tested methods, all of them becoming important components of your new found ability to consistently cash in winning tickets. Some players are perfectly content using just one winning system or playing method, which is fine, however, I personally feel that they are limiting themselves by doing this. Imagine if you had only one tool in your house, let’s say it’s a hammer. This tool would certainly come in handy for hanging picture hooks, breaking ice on your front step or even eradicating ants, but it won’t do you much good when you need to fix a leaky sink.

    I have been teaching players around the world how to improve their chances of winning the various Lottery games for many years, and during this time, I have had the privilege of watching many of these players evolve into top level Pro Players. What they have all had in common was a willingness to take their Lottery hobby seriously and invest the required time and energy into their pursuit to make it consistently profitable. There are no short cuts and there is simply no substitute for making a serious commitment to properly train yourself to see the patterns and trends and learn the tricks of the trade that result in winning tickets. How far you take this continuing education is of course entirely up to you, but what I have seen firsthand, so many times, is that the longer you stick with it the better your overall results will be.

    I first created and published the MONEY MAP system 15 years ago, and while it has been revised and updated several times since then, it is still considered the absolute gold standard of all Pick-3 and Pick-4 Lottery systems. There is no other system that strips these games down to their bare essentials and reveals what is really going on behind the scenes based on the actual past results of every State’s game. The Money Maps have deservedly attained a level of cult status, and even my Pro Players still rely on them each and every day as a primary basis for all of their wagers. When I begin my own daily analysis of the games that I am playing, I always use the Money Maps as a foundation to give me a clear and concise picture of what is going on in the games in real time. I then take this information and apply other methods and systems from my toolbox for further comparative analysis which allows me to either expand or narrow down my selections.

    Which system or systems that you choose to use and the analysis methods you elect to employ are entirely up to you. What is most important is the overall “process” that you develop when analyzing your past results and making your selections. You should set up a series of concise steps that you follow every day, although these can evolve and be modified over time as you learn more techniques. This personal process is often different for each player, but as long as you are comfortable with it and as long as it produces positive results, then your process can truly be considered your greatest Lottery asset.


    The final, and perhaps most important step, on the road to Lottery success is discipline. Attaining the proper level of discipline involves both maintaining a firm grasp on your wagering budget, and therefore never exceeding it, and treating all aspects of your quest to win the Lottery as a business. When you are running a business, your primary objective is to make a profit, and your approach to playing the Lottery should be no different. There is no room here for playing pet numbers or hunches based on your Grandmothers birthday. Running a successful business requires keeping accurate records, and again, this applies to your Lottery ventures as well.

    There is one very simple rule to remember when establishing your wagering budget. You have to ask yourself how much money you can afford to lose every day. I know that this does not sound very encouraging, but the reality that we have to accept is the fact that playing the Lottery is by all rights gambling, and gambling, by virtue of its very existence predicates the possibility that you may lose. Losing the money that you are wagering is of course the worst case scenario, but a prudent player always establishes his wagering budget based on the worst case scenario.

    By setting up a wagering budget you are essentially setting up a disciplined safety net in order to insure that you will not be using the rent or grocery money to fund your Lottery endeavors. I always firmly advocate that you should only use recreational income to play the Lottery. What is recreational income? It’s the money that you have left over at the end of the month after all your bills are paid. If you like to go bowling on Wednesday night or if you like to have a few beers with your buddies at the local tavern every Friday evening, you are using recreational income.  These are things you choose to do because you are using money that you can afford to lose, or in this case, spend. On Thursday morning, after spending $25.00 on a night of bowling, you know that you are not going to get that $25.00 back, and you are fine with that. Playing the Lottery should be approached in the same manner. If instead of going bowling on Wednesday night you decide to “invest” $25.00 in the Pick-4 game, you have to accept the fact that you cannot get that $25.00 back on Thursday morning. However, if you played the right number, you may find yourself cashing in a $400.00 winning ticket on Thursday morning. Now you can buy yourself a brand new bowling ball and still have over $300.00 in winnings padding your wagering account!

    It is of paramount importance that you always know exactly how much you have invested in the game versus how much you have won. Employing a progressive wagering schedule is another facet of discipline in that it allows you to hedge your bets, assuring that you can ride out predetermined dry spell periods when the numbers are not falling your way. For example, let’s say that you are wagering $1.00 on 4 different boxed No Match numbers each day. The payoff for a successful wager in this scenario is $80.00. Therefore, after playing these numbers for 20 days, you will have invested a total of $80.00 in your attempt to win $80.00. If one of your four numbers is not drawn by the 20th day, then you have passed the “break even” point. If you play again on the 21st day, you will have invested $84.00, and if you win on the 21st day, you will still only win $80.00. This represents a loss of $4.00 for the 21 day period which is a negative result. This is obviously not the desired outcome we were looking for.

    If we were to apply a progressive wagering schedule to this same scenario, then it would have instructed us to increase our wager on the 21st day, from $1.00 on each of our 4 numbers to $2.00 on each of our four numbers. This way we would have a total of $88.00 invested by the 21st day, and if one of our 4 numbers are drawn, we will win $160.00. This represents a profit of $72.00 for the 21 day period which is a positive result. Using a progressive wagering schedule can allow you to endure even longer dry spells. For example, if one of our 4 numbers was not drawn on the 21st day, then we could continue playing for nine more days while wagering $2.00 on each of our 4 numbers every day. If after a total of 30 days of playing these numbers we still have not seen a successful hit, we would again be crossing our break-even point. In this case we would again increase our wager, this time to $3.00 on each of our 4 numbers, on the 31st day of play. If one of our numbers wins on the 31st day, then we will have invested a total of $172.00 to win $240.00. This represents a profit of $68.00 for the 31 day period which again is a positive result.

    There are many little tricks like this that are available to informed players, making playing the Lottery a more strategic venture while also increasing your profit potential, not to mention the overall fun quotient. If you are ready to take your Lottery playing seriously, then I invite you to leave the ranks of the casual players and move into the realm of informed Lottery play. Start slowly and learn everything you can about the games. There are many excellent articles in my previous blogs and some great tools in the FREE SYSTEMS tab that you can use right now to start building your own knowledge foundation. You can also find all of my proven winning systems listed on this website. If you are just starting out, then give the CASH KING systems a try. The cost is only $10.00 and they will immediately open the doors to informed systems play for you. If you have been playing the games for a while and are ready to really get serious, then take a look at the MONEY MAP systems.

    No matter which road you choose, I urge you to follow and analyze the past results of your games each and every day, make informed selections based on your newly acquired knowledge and begin your new venture by playing on paper only. You should keep accurate track of your paper wagers and absorb every available morsel of Lottery knowledge that you can find. Once your paper wagers are showing you a consistent stream of profits, you may then elect to set up an actual wagering budget and begin investing real dollars. Most importantly, take your time as there are no shortcuts. You have to be willing to invest the time required in order to mount a serious assault on your State’s Lottery games. In order to be successful in the long run, you have to start this process by taking one little step at a time. Before you know it you too will be walking down the sidewalk, winning tickets in hand and laughing all the way to the bank!

GOOD LUCK…Steve Player