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Posted by: Steve Player on Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 12:00:00 am
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    I have been getting a lot of letters and emails from players all around the country who have won large amounts of cash playing my recently posted FREE numbers and using my winning systems. In just the last two months many of you have reported winnings in excess of $10,000.00 and some of you have even surpassed the $50,000.00 mark. Congratulations to all the winners who have seen firsthand that the Lottery games truly can be beaten!

    I would like to share a story with all of my Lottery playing friends because I feel that it contains a valuable lesson about wagering discipline. Many years ago a good friend of mine who was also a regular Lottery player decided that he was going to use a system which he created to win a fortune in the Lottery. In the first few weeks of playing he won over $10,000.00. With a huge grin on his face, he showed me the system and all of his winnings, boasting that he was going to be rich in no time at all. While the system was pretty good, it was totally dependent on the continuous flow of a very distinct set of patterns in the game. I warned him to be careful, because if the patterns did not continue to produce, the system would most likely enter into an abrupt dryspell period. During the following month my friend continued to win, and in the process, he continued to increase his daily wagers. I warned him that a pattern shift in the game was now inevitable and suggested that he stop playing until the shift and the ensuing correction had taken place. By the end of his third month of playing my friend had won almost $100,000.00 and his enthusiasm was bubbling over. One day he called me up to announce that he had just bought a new house last Tuesday and a new car last Wednesday. I congratulated him on his good fortune and again warned him to be careful.

    A few weeks later I visited my friend in his new house, admired the new car on the driveway and sat on his new living room furniture while I listened to him tell glorious stories of how his new system was truly making him rich. I spent quite a bit of time reviewing his charts and tables and did my very best to point out that the patterns in the game were about to take a turn for the worse. The only problem was that he was not listening! He was deep in the grips of something I call "Win Blindness." This occurs when you have been winning regularly for an extended period of time. You then begin to believe that the winnings will go on forever, and you then adjust your lifestyle to the anticipation of a continuation of your new wealth stream. In fact, once in the grips of Win Blindness you may actually start to think that your system is infallible and that the winnings will go on forever, so why not spend them as fast as they come in. The final stage of Win Blindness comes the moment you utter the words "I can't lose!" As I continued to warn my friend on that fateful day, he just continued to smile, and finally he looked me in the eyes and actually said it: "I can't lose!" I explained the entire principle of Win Blindness to him, but again to no avail, as it only seemed to amuse him.

    A few months had passed and I ran into my friend at the local convenience store where we were both playing our tickets. This time, however, he did not look so good. His smiling face was replaced by a look of desperation as he stood there placing some very large wagers. I asked him how things were going and he replied "not so good." I knew exactly what was happening and decided that it was time for an intervention, so I invited him out for a cup of coffee. It seems that since our last meeting he was learning firsthand how devastating a series of drypells could be. First he sold the new furniture, then one night his car was repossessed and now he was facing foreclosure on his beautiful new house because he could no longer make the large mortgage payments. His new life of endless wealth had suddenly become a nightmare and his days were fueled by pure desperation. I told him it was time to stop playing and time to regroup. And it was at the exact moment that he spoke the five worst words that should never, ever, come out of a Lottery players mouth: "The Game Owes Me Money." I explained to him that the game never owes anyone anything. If he was losing, then it was because his system was either no longer valid, or it was that the game was going through its regular cycle of pattern shifts.

    The lesson to be learned here is that when you are winning, it is important to always put a significant amount of your winnings aside to weather the lean days that come with dryspells. There is no system that will win every time, and every system needs to constantly be fine-tuned in order to stay ahead of the trends and patterns that rule the outcome of the Lottery games. When the winnings come to you, be happy, but be vigilant as well. Put some of your newly found money in a safe place and make sure that you never let yourself fall for the allure of Win Blindness. And most importantly, always understand that the game Never Owes You Money. Every day brings a new drawing, and the game has no memory of how much money you wagered the day before. Therefore, it is important that you understand not only the strength, but also the inherent limitations, of any system you are using. But most important of all, never forget the successful players golden rule: BET WITH YOUR HEAD - NOT OVER IT!!!

    It has now been a few years since my friend went through his roller coaster ride of winning big and then losing it all. He now lives in a smaller house, actually just around the corner from where he first started out. His furniture is a bit more moderate although he did just buy a fancy new car last week!!! We get together at least once a month to talk about Lottery numbers and systems and he has once again become a consistent winner. The only difference is that he has now regained disciplined control of his analysis and wagering process. Consequently, playing the Lottery has once again become fun and profitable. When he wins, he is very happy. When he loses, he simply shrugs it off and looks forward to the next day. But most importantly, my friend now understands completely that the game owes him nothing. He learned this lesson the hard way. I have shared this story with you in hopes of sparing you the same fate. If you ever find yourself showing symptoms of Win Blindness or you ever feel that the Game Owes You Money, then stop right there and regroup. Using a proven system certainly  can reward you with significant winnings as long as you avoid the obvious traps. The greatest winning system of all time is without a doubt the mastery of discipline. If you can couple this mastery with a well focused understanding of the true odds you are facing in the game or games you are playing, then, and only then, will you find yourself on the road to true Lottery success.

GOOD LUCK….Steve Player

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