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Why Would I Sell My Secrets?

Posted by: Steve Player on Friday, March 20, 2015 at 1:08:00 pm

Over the years many people have asked me why I make my systems available to the public. In their opinion, if I have a system that beats the Lottery, why don’t I keep it to myself and just get rich quietly. My answer to that question has always been the same. I believe that we are all on this planet for a reason, and for me that reason goes far beyond just making money. I have won a fortune playing the Lotteries, and I plan to keep winning Lottery games for the rest of my life. But how much money does any one person really need, and how much money can any one person actually spend. To use an old cliche: there’s more to life than money! I have a gift, and my gift has rewarded me very handsomely over the years. I also have thousands of letters from customers all around the world that have used my systems to win money in their games. These terrific people all thank me for making their Lottery dreams come true, and I never get tired of reading those wonderful letters.

Every time someone wins with one of my systems, it tells me that my time on this great earth has had a positive effect on someone else’s life. I get letters from folks who are finally able to buy their first house or buy a house for a family member. Folks who are finally able to pay for their children’s or grandchildren’s education. Folks who are finally able to take the cruise they have always dreamed of. Folks who are able to make large contributions to their favorite charity or church. The list goes on and on, and I cannot help but feel like a million bucks knowing that I helped make all of these people's, and often their families', dreams come true.