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Why I Don't Create Computer Systems

Posted by: Steve Player on Friday, March 20, 2015 at 1:11:00 pm

A question that I hear all the time is why don’t I create systems that can be used on a computer. I realize that these days more people than ever have personal computers, and they are very handy for compiling and comparing Lottery results and trends. Nonetheless, I still choose not to release any of my systems in computer software versions. The reason is actually quite simple. In order to become a successful systems player, you have to be willing to learn about the games and learn about the patterns and trends that can reward you with cash. Loading a disk into a computer and letting the computer pick the numbers simply does not work. There is a human interaction that is necessary when choosing winning numbers, and that interaction requires human intuition and human reasoning. I don’t care how powerful your computer is, your mind has more power when it comes to successfully playing the Lottery. Use your computer for writing emails and keeping track of your taxes. There are no high tech shortcuts when it comes to learning how to become a successful systems player.

All of the systems in this catalog are paper and pencil systems. First you read the instructions in order to learn about the particular patterns and trends which that system uses. Then you fill out the charts, graphs or worksheets that come with the system, and then you play the numbers the system gives you or the numbers that you choose according to the systems guidelines. The longer you work with any of my systems, the better you become at picking the winning numbers in your games, and the more money you can win. Using a computer does not afford you this hands-on approach, and that’s why I will continue to release my systems the same way I always have.