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Posted by: Steve Player on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 at 12:00:00 am

We are getting close to record Jackpot territory with the current $450 Million Powerball top prize which is sure to grow even higher before the 02/11/15 Wednesday night drawing. This week I want to give you a full analysis of the current activity in the game based on my multi Jackpot winning PAYDAY-5 System so that you can better understand how I make my selections. The PAYDAY-5 system breaks the game into five "ZONES" by position. The lowest number drawn is always ZONE 1, the next highest number falls into ZONE 2 and so on until we reach the highest number drawn which always falls into ZONE 5. Tracking the game in this way allows us to follow and anticipate directional shifts, often with a high degree of accuracy.

Last Saturday I predicted that we would see a perfect spread with the ZONE 1 number being very low and the ZONE 5 number being very high. What we saw were the numbers 05 and 58 drawn, which closely matched my forecast. For the 02/11/15 drawing I believe that we will again see this ideal spread, however, this time the lowest number will be either 01, 02 or 03. Here is another statistic that I am predicating this forecast on: Based on the laws of probability, in the last 25 draws, we should have ideally seen the numbers 01, 02 and 03 drawn two times each. In actuality, the number 02 has been drawn twice (in a row no less) while the numbers 01 and 03 have not been seen at all. Therefore, where we should have seen 6 total hits for the ZONE 1 number in the 01, 02, 03 range, we have only seen 2 hits. This makes a shift to this range of numbers highly probable.

On the other end of the spectrum, in ZONE 5, we have just seen the overdue number 58 drawn after a very severe dryspell. In keeping step with the aforementioned anticipated full spread, I will again be choosing the numbers 58 and 59 in ZONE 5 as there is a very high probability for the number 58 to repeat. This establishes both of the extreme outside ZONE targets and my selections within them. Unfortunately, when we are looking for such a major spread between these two ZONES (1 and 5), it makes the selection process of the other three ZONES much more difficult because it opens up almost the entire field of remaining numbers, in this case 04 through 57.

The ZONE 2 number has been outside of its ideal range for several draws and I am anticipating that it will fall back into line for this drawing. The ideal range for our ZONE 2 number is 12 through 23 inclusive, and I am forecasting that it will land on either the number 13, 17 or 18, all of which are carrying long and short term overdue status credentials of their own at this time. The ZONE 4 number has been coming up lower than its anticipated ideal range for the last seven draws with the exclusion of its recent hit on the number 52. For this reason I will look for the ZONE 4 number to land on the 41, 44 or 45, all of which are also profiling as due or overdue based on their short and longer term performance analysis satistics.

This brings us to our middle range and the ZONE 3 number, which is always the most difficult member of the PAYDAY-5 community to forecast. In seven of the last nine draws, the ZONE 3 number drawn has been lower than its ideal range (24 through 38 inclusive). For this reason I am looking for a shift to the right side of its ideal range or slightly higher, and I will be using the numbers 34 and 40 as my targets. I realize that the number 34 was just drawn on Saturday, however, it was drawn as a ZONE 4 number. The 34 has been critically overdue for some time, and I believe that there is a high probability that we will see a repeat hit on this number. That gives us two potential repeats in my selections for this drawing: the 34 and the 58.

Many of you who have been following my selections have become discouraged lately because I have not posted many winning combinations. Playing a game like Powerball or Mega Millions means taking on some monsterous odds, and as such, playing these games successfully is a long term proposition. Last year (2014) I played my Powerball selections and won almost $100,000.00, which put me far ahead for the year in this particular game. There will be times that my numbers do not win for a period of consecutive drawings, but that is to be expected. When my selections do hit, they usually hit big!!! Keep in mind, there is a high degree of risk involved in playing these high stakes games...that's why the Jackpots are so monumentally alluring!

Now let's look at a liitle basic math in regard to the selections which I posted for the last three Powerball draws. I selected exactly 13 total numbers to play for each draw. Since there are 59 possible numbers that can be drawn in this game, statistically I should have only had 1.1 numbers right for each drawing, or 3.3 numbers right during the entire span of the last three drawings. My selections actually produced 2 winning numbers for each of these three drawings or a total of 6 winning numbers during the span of the last three drawings. That means that my selections were almost two times better than playing random numbers, Quik Picks or pulling your numbers out of a hat. While even multiple tickets with two numbers right does not return a prize or put cash in your pocket, it does in fact beat the odds. That's why sometimes you will not see any of my selections drawn, while other times I will have as many as 3, 4 or 5 numbers right, or 4 numbers right plus the Powerball number like I did last February which paid me and the others who played my selections a cool $67,000.00!!! Obviously the real goal here is to get all five numbers right with the correct Powerball variable. If I do that, then I will certainly make history, and a lot of my Facebook friends will be millionaires as well! Like I said earlier, winning money in this game is truly a long term proposition, unless you just get lucky and win the whole enchilda playing your families birthday numbers.

For those of you who like the idea of tracking the big game using a ZONE separation analysis, I invite you to read all about the PAYDAY-5 system. It works not only for Powerball or Mega Millions, but also every States Pick-5 game including the Multi-State HOT LOTTO game. Playing these games is much more fun, and can be far more rewarding, when you are actually tracking them using a proven multi Jackpot winning system like the PAYDAY-5. If you are a serious player, then I urge you to order your copy will not be dissapointed! 

Here are the actual numbers I will be covering in each of the five positions based on the ZONE analysis presented above. For those of you who are keeping track, yes, these are the same selections and the same combinations which I presented for last Saturdays drawing. Since I am anticipating one or two repeat numbers drawn from Saturdays results (34 and/or 58), this arrangement has the potential to produce many high paying winning tickets if my forecast is correct :






For this drawing we have a total of 13 unique numbers covered using this specialized hybrid wheel making for a total of 108 combinations to be played with full 100% positional coverage. I suggest that each of these 108 combinations be played along with the POWERBALL Number 2. I also like the 6 as the Powerball so you may want to use it as an alternate choice. You can play all of these combinations or simply pick the single combinations you wish to cover based on your budget. As always, I advise you to use the POWERPLAY option to increase your potential returns. There is of course no guarantee that any of these numbers will in fact be drawn. The selections presented are based on my computer analysis of the current activity in the game. Keep in mind that this is a very high odds game format and therefore represents the highest risk factor of all available Lottery games.


GOOD LUCK..........Steve Player




01-13-34-41-58       01-13-34-41-59       01-13-34-44-58


01-13-34-44-59       01-13-34-45-58       01-13-34-45-59


01-13-40-41-58       01-13-40-41-59       01-13-40-44-58


01-13-40-44-59       01-13-40-45-58       01-13-40-45-59


01-17-34-41-58       01-17-34-41-59       01-17-34-44-58


01-17-34-44-59       01-17-34-45-58       01-17-34-45-59


01-17-40-41-58       01-17-40-41-59       01-17-40-44-58


01-17-40-44-59       01-17-40-45-58       01-17-40-45-59


01-18-34-41-58       01-18-34-41-59       01-18-34-44-58


01-18-34-44-59       01-18-34-45-58       01-18-34-45-59


01-18-40-41-58       01-18-40-41-59       01-18-40-44-58


01-18-40-44-59       01-18-40-45-58       01-18-40-45-59


02-13-34-41-58       02-13-34-41-59       02-13-34-44-58


02-13-34-44-59       02-13-34-45-58       02-13-34-45-59


02-13-40-41-58       02-13-40-41-59       02-13-40-44-58


02-13-40-44-59       02-13-40-45-58       02-13-40-45-59


02-17-34-41-58       02-17-34-41-59       02-17-34-44-58


02-17-34-44-59       02-17-34-45-58       02-17-34-45-59


02-17-40-41-58       02-17-40-41-59       02-17-40-44-58


02-17-40-44-59       02-17-40-45-58       02-17-40-45-59


02-18-34-41-58       02-18-34-41-59       02-18-34-44-58


02-18-34-44-59       02-18-34-45-58       02-18-34-45-59


02-18-40-41-58       02-18-40-41-59       02-18-40-44-58


02-18-40-44-59       02-18-40-45-58       02-18-40-45-59


03-13-34-41-58       03-13-34-41-59       03-13-34-44-58


03-13-34-44-59       03-13-34-45-58       03-13-34-45-59


03-13-40-41-58       03-13-40-41-59       03-13-40-44-58


03-13-40-44-59       03-13-40-45-58       03-13-40-45-59


03-17-34-41-58       03-17-34-41-59       03-17-34-44-58


03-17-34-44-59       03-17-34-45-58       03-17-34-45-59


03-17-40-41-58       03-17-40-41-59       03-17-40-44-58


03-17-40-44-59       03-17-40-45-58       03-17-40-45-59


03-18-34-41-58       03-18-34-41-59       03-18-34-44-58


03-18-34-44-59       03-18-34-45-58       03-18-34-45-59


03-18-40-41-58       03-18-40-41-59       03-18-40-44-58


03-18-40-44-59       03-18-40-45-58       03-18-40-45-59