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Posted by: Steve Player on Monday, January 12, 2015 at 12:00:00 am


Hello Friends & Fellow Jackpot Hunters:

    The POWERBALL game is making worldwide history this week and players everywhere are scrambling to claim their piece of this "PIE IN THE SKY." How did we find ourselves here, looking at a Jackpot well north of one Billion Dollars? For lack of a better word, and to coin the famous Michael Douglas Wall Street quote, it's because of "greed". Not the players greed, but the sheer insatiable greed of the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) and their collective team of marketing gurus. Make no mistake, these folks are in the business of taking our money, and they are very good at it. They design and modify the game based on their bottom line instead of the desires of the players. It has been proven that many players only come out of the woodwork en masse to drop their money in the Lottery bucket when the Jackpot hits record levels. Knowing this, the brain-trust at the MUSL continues to increase the number field, and consequently the odds of winning, in order to maximize their sales and profits. While the players unanimously object to this continued onslaught of higher odds, it is increasingly difficult to resist the temptation to buy a few tickets when tempted with such alluringly formidable Jackpot offerings.

    The second contributing factor is the ongoing internal rivalry between the Mega Millions game and the Powerball game for Jackpot supremacy. The two previous record Jackpots of $656 Million and $648 Million were set by the Mega Millions game on March 30, 2012 and December 17, 2013 respectively. Clinging on to third place for the past two years was the $590 Million Powerball Jackpot of May 18, 2013. Last October, in a bold fit of shamefully zealous overreach, the Powerball game raised it's stake by adding 10 additional numbers to it's primary field and setting the odds of winning the Jackpot at an astronomical 292,201,338 to 1. It only took three months for this new money grabbing formula to take hold and bring us our first ever Billion dollar plus Jackpot. I offer my congratulations to the MUSL for displaying their true marketing genius.

    While the prospect of actually winning this mighty Jackpot is akin to assembling a 25,000 piece jig-saw puzzle underwater with your toes while basking in the ethereal bliss of general anesthesia, there is still a lot of money to be made by hitting the lower tier prizes. Keep in mind that getting the five primary numbers right on a Power Played wager will return $2,000,000.00 - a more than reasonable payday by any measure. Therefore, I have gone ahead and done a technical analysis of the current patterns and trends in the game and will now offer you my best recommendations for the upcoming drawing (January 13, 2016). Since the game format changed in October of last year, I do not have nearly as much past results data as I would like, therefore my confidence in this short term technical analysis is far from high. Still, we have to work with what is available, so I have turned my computers loose on the challenge and here is what they came up with.

    For this historic drawing, I will be using a very specialized "hybrid" multiple key wheel. Using advanced wheels like this allows us to set up a large array of criteria instead of simply playing "Zone" coverage or bulk wheeling a particular group of numbers. The hybrid wheel which I have custom designed for the Wednesday night drawing allows us to cover a total of 16 unique numbers in tandem with one very likely Powerball number selection. Not only is this a very precise way to play a large group of numbers, but it makes chasing the potential winners a great deal of fun as well.

    Here is how I have set up the coverage for this hybrid wheel. In the first position we will use the numbers 01 and 08 as our two KEY NUMBERS, which means that one, but never both, of these numbers will appear in each and every combination we are playing as our lead selection. I usually do not like to play the number 01 because it is the first number in the top left corner of the bet-slip, and as such, it is one of the most commonly played numbers. In this case however, my computer algorithms are telling me that there is a very good chance that either the 01 or the 08 will hit. In the second position we are looking for an "In-Zone" hit and have narrowed the numbers down to 15, 17, 18, 23 and 24 based on their activity status and Prime-Line directional stability. In the third position I am giving the nod to the numbers 38, 39 and 43 which all represent a right directional shift and create an anchor point for the fourth position and fifth position selections.

    Here's where things can get very interesting. My forecast models are indicating that we will see two very high numbers (over 60) in this drawing, however, the number 69 itself is not a viable contender. Furthermore, my computers are giving the highest level of probability to the sole number 61. I have therefore created three distinct number pairings in the fourth and fifth position slots. They are 61-66, 61-67 and 61-68. This means that one, and only one, of these three KEY PAIRS will appear in each and every combination. Therefore our final combination list will be made up of three KEY NUMBERS, one from each of the first three positions, coupled with one KEY PAIR from positions 4 and 5, giving us a total of 90 five number combinations to play.

    I suggest that each of these combinations be played with the Powerball number 14 which has been overwhelmingly tagged as the most likely Powerball number contender by my computers for the past three draws. If you don't like the 14, then the Powerball number 03 would be my backup choice. I also suggest, if your budget allows it, that these combinations be played using the POWER-PLAY option to increase your potential returns. Once again, you are free to play any or all of these combinations or simply pick a few depending on what your personal Powerball budget allows. While the number choices we are wheeling were made using a myriad of mathematically sound selection techniques, there is of course no guarantee that any of these numbers will in fact be drawn. Also, I want to repeat one more time, since we have limited data to base our selections on because of the recent number field change, overall confidence for this particular drawing is NOT high. With over a Billion dollars on the line, there is a lot of money to be won in this game, however, it is imperative that you understand that the premise of "high reward" is based on the foundation of "high risk." That's how big payoff games like this are designed, and I advise you to never stray too far from understanding that the State's always win more than the players.

    As a final note I want everyone to understand that I have long been a proponent of the Pick-3, Pick-4 and Pick-5 Lottery games as far more viable places to invest your Lottery dollars than the Powerball game. While the prizes and the Jackpots may not be as appealing (who needs a Billion dollars anyway?), these mainstream games offer a far better return on investment (ROI). When playing these games with the aid of a proven winning system, the prizes they offer are well within reach of the average player and still can often be life changing. I have personally won $200,000.00 in the Pick-4 game on three separate occasions, and I have won $50,000.00 and $100,000.00 many times in the Pick-3 game. From where I sit, that's where the real money lies, because realistic odds are far more manageable.



GOOD LUCK..........Steve Player

USE POWERBALL NUMBER 14 (Backup Selection is 03)


08-15-38-61-66     08-15-38-61-67     08-15-38-61-68

08-15-39-61-66     08-15-39-61-67     08-15-39-61-68

08-15-43-61-66     08-15-43-61-67     08-15-43-61-68

08-17-38-61-66     08-17-38-61-67     08-17-38-61-68

08-17-39-61-66     08-17-39-61-67     08-17-39-61-68

08-17-43-61-66     08-17-43-61-67     08-17-43-61-68

08-18-38-61-66     08-18-38-61-67     08-18-38-61-68

08-18-39-61-66     08-18-39-61-67     08-18-39-61-68

08-18-43-61-66     08-18-43-61-67     08-18-43-61-68

08-23-38-61-66     08-23-38-61-67     08-23-38-61-68

08-23-39-61-66     08-23-39-61-67     08-23-39-61-68

08-23-43-61-66     08-23-43-61-67     08-23-43-61-68

08-24-38-61-66     08-24-38-61-67     08-24-38-61-68

08-24-39-61-66     08-24-39-61-67     08-24-39-61-68

08-24-43-61-66     08-24-43-61-67     08-24-43-61-68

01-15-38-61-66     01-15-38-61-67     01-15-38-61-68

01-15-39-61-66     01-15-39-61-67     01-15-39-61-68

01-15-43-61-66     01-15-43-61-67     01-15-43-61-68

01-17-38-61-66     01-17-38-61-67     01-17-38-61-68

01-17-39-61-66     01-17-39-61-67     01-17-39-61-68

01-17-43-61-66     01-17-43-61-67     01-17-43-61-68

01-18-38-61-66     01-18-38-61-67     01-18-38-61-68

01-18-39-61-66     01-18-39-61-67     01-18-39-61-68

01-18-43-61-66     01-18-43-61-67     01-18-43-61-68

01-23-38-61-66     01-23-38-61-67     01-23-38-61-68

01-23-39-61-66     01-23-39-61-67     01-23-39-61-68

01-23-43-61-66     01-23-43-61-67     01-23-43-61-68

01-24-38-61-66     01-24-38-61-67     01-24-38-61-68

01-24-39-61-66     01-24-39-61-67     01-24-39-61-68

01-24-43-61-66     01-24-43-61-67     01-24-43-61-68