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Posted by: Steve Player on Friday, December 13, 2013 at 9:39:00 am

    While the odds of winning the Jackpot in the Powerball and Mega Millions games are truly astronomical, here are a few tips to better your odds and also make sure that if you win you will be sharing the Jackpot with fewer other players. Can you imagine waking up to find out that you have a Jackpot ticket only to later learn that 200 other people also have a Jackpot ticket? It can happen and I will show you how. It's not that I am against sharing or seeing many people win, but the bottom line is this: If you actually beat odds of hundreds of millions to one, wouldn't you rather keep the entire giant Jackpot or at least half of it?


TIP 1: Do not play consecutive numbers. At any given time, literally thousands of people play the number combination 1-2-3-4-5, or 55-56-57-58-59. According to probability, these numbers have just as much chance of being drawn as any other set of numbers, however, if they do hit, you will be sharing your Jackpot with a lot of other people. For example, let's say that the Jackpot is $200 Million cash. If 200 players win, then your share will only be $1 Million. If 2000 players win then your share will be only $100,000.00. I urge everyone to stay away from combinations like this. Never play more than 3 consecutive numbers at most in any one combination. 


TIP 2: Do not play only "calendar" numbers. These are the numbers from 1 thru 31 that correspond to peoples birthdays. These are by far the most popular numbers played, and when they are the only numbers drawn, we have almost always seen multiple Jackpot winners. This is also true for the other State Pick-5 and Pick-6 games. Always make sure that your combinations contain at least one or two numbers over 31.


TIP 3: Do not play geometric patterns on your betslip. Many players begin filling out their betslip by filling in the numbers in all four corners, or making an "X" or a cross. Once again, this is such a common practice that when a combination containing these numbers is drawn the amount of Jackpot winners will most often increase exponentially. 


TIP 4: Do not play combinations that have already been drawn. Many players like to use the exact combinations of 5 numbers that have previously been drawn. Many people play the exact winning number combos from the last five drawings while othesr play many months or even years of past drawn combinations. Once again, if you follow this practice, you will not be alone, and therefore if a repeat combination is in fact drawn, many others will most likley also have it. 


TIP 5: Besides the calendar numbers, the number 19 is one of the most overplayed numbers in the games. Most everyone who plays the lottery games was born in the 1900's, so if they play their year of birth, they will undoubtedly be using the number 19. For example, if you were born on March 14, 1971, you may play the numbers 03-14-19-42-71 in the Mega Millions game. The number 3 is your month of birth, the number 14 is your day of birth, the number 42 is your age, and the numbers 19 and 71 are the year you were born. Guess what: you are not the only person born on that day who plays the Lottery!!! If these numbers are drawn, there will be many other people who also played them, and you will be sharing your Jackpot winnings with a large group of your "birthmates."


TIP 6: Don't play the numbers you find in fortune cookies. I am serious!!! In March of 2005, there were 110 players from all around the country who matched all five of five Powerball numbers. Almost all of them got their numbers from a fortune cookie. Yes, this is true, so the lesson here is to eat the cookie, read the fortune and then choose your own numbers!!!


If you like these tips and want to see more then let me know by commenting about it on my Facebook page or on Twitter - Look for more tips in the coming weeks that will cover playing techniques in both the big Jackpot games as well as the Pick-3 and Pick-4 daily games. 


GOOD LUCK...................Steve Player