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S. Dorlac Wins $50,000.00 in Powerball Using Our Jackpot System

by Steve Player

The JACKPOT NUMBERS CLUB has had a banner year so far in 2008. On January 16, our ready-to-play numbers listed two combinations that had four winning numbers plus the POWERBALL number. Each of these combinations paid $10,000.00 cash, and if you had POWER PLAYED your wager, each combination would have paid you $50,000.00. S. Dorlac from Colorado writes: "Using the POWERBALL 2008 SYSTEM I won $50,000.00 in the 01/16/08 drawing." Congratulations to Mr. Dorlac and all of the other lucky subscribers who won between $22,938.00 and $114,690.00 playing Steve Players winning JACKPOT CLUB selections on January 16th. Remember, the exclusive JACKPOT NUMBERS CLUB does not require you to figure anything out. Club members get actual ready to play combinations to play in their state's Pick-5 or Pick-6 games, or the Powerball and Mega Millions games. Just copy Steve's winning selections onto your betslip and play them. That's all there is to it!!! We are accepting new memberships for the 2009 JACKPOT NUMBERS CLUB right now, so be sure to get yours before they are once again sold out for the year. Click here to learn all about this great winning offer.